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Apple will create another campus in California

Apple has signed a lease on a business center that has not yet been built in Sunnyvale, California.

The building, named Central & Wolfe Campus, is being constructed by Landbank Investments LLC. The exact terms of the company's agreement with Apple have not been disclosed, however, according to the Silicon Valley Business Journal (cited by iMore), the deal has already been concluded.

The building in Sunnyvale will be located eight kilometers from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino called Campus-2. In shape, it resembles three rings connected to each other. On the roof of the building there will be a garden, and in the center will also create a landscaped courtyard.

Apple acquired land in San Jose, Monterey, Reno (Nevada) and Oregon.

Recently, Apple patented a smart ring having a screen and a touch pad for interacting with other electronic devices.

Recall that the new iPhones were submitted 9 September 2015 year.

Sales in the United States and several other countries began on September 25.

Some wishing to get a novelty, had time to become famous by sending to stand in line ipad on wheels.

Apple claimthat in the first three days the company sold 13 to millions of new smartphones, which is a record figure.

In the U.S. Apple California
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