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Quarantine Halloween our way: top 5 horror games from Russian developers

Here comes the scariest day of the year - Halloween. In the current environment, Trick or Treat had to be canceled due to the quarantine, but Halloween on the couch will stop being languid if you play horror games. From post-apocalyptic, epidemic-stricken Russia, to a mystical forest, biotech monsters and a school captured by a maniac teacher. Edition Russia Beyond has collected the most exciting horror games created by Russian developers.

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1 mm

Deserted streets, wrecked cars, overgrown train tracks, ominous corridors in former psychiatric hospitals and mazes of abandoned bunkers are always present in this Russian horror film released in 2016 by developer Sergei Noskov.

The action takes place in Russia after an epidemic that destroyed the majority of the population. The player, together with a faithful assistant, will have to go on a long journey through post-apocalyptic landscapes and adapt to new living conditions.

All this time, the player has no idea where they came from, where they are going and for what purpose. They just plunge into the atmosphere and try to survive against hostile elements and enemies, be they marauders or very hungry, angry bears. The truth is revealed only at the end - and you can be sure that it is unpleasant.

The game is available in Steam in Russian and English.

2. The Cursed Forest

The player's character learns that his mother is hospitalized and needs help. He quickly starts the car and rushes to the hospital along an old dirt road that winds through the forest. “This is the shortest route,” he says. On the way, the hero encounters a frightening creature, and the car flies into a ditch. He finds himself in the middle of a mysterious dark forest that hides mesmerizing caves, ominous altars and a terrible monster.

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In this first-person game, released in 2019, the player must navigate through the forest, collect artifacts and perform a secret ritual to remove the curse from the monster and free the innocent soul trapped within.

The game is available in Steam with an interface in English, French, Italian, Hungarian, Polish and Turkish.

3. Skyhill: Black Mist

You will play as an employee of the powerful biotechnology corporation Skyhill Inc. The company provides you with an apartment in a huge residential complex where you are moving with your daughter. But one nightmarish morning something terrible happens: your daughter is kidnapped, and the complex is gradually filled with black fog, which turns people into terrible monsters.

In this 2020 third-person nightmare from the Russian studio Mandragora, the player must navigate a residential complex, past destroyed schools, blood-soaked dance floors and parking lots, while fending off monsters and ultimately find his daughter, while unearthing the secrets of the most dangerous corporation in the world. ...

The game is available in Steam in Russian, English, French, German, Polish and Chinese.

4. Wild Russia

The main character, Agent Red, finds himself on a snowy playground in an abandoned provincial Russian town. He looks at the spinning carousel and ponders where to go next, when suddenly strange zombie-like creatures surround him. Only a minute has passed, and Agent Red is already dead.

Wild Russia is a 2020 first-person game in which the player must find a way out of a vast world full of monsters, anomalies, traps and dilapidated buildings.

"Any action or inaction can have serious consequences," writes creator Sergei Andreev on the game's Steam page.

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The game is available in Steam in Russian, English and Chinese.

5. Gravewood High

Strange things are happening in Gravewood High - several students disappeared without a trace, but the adults do not seem to notice it. The building itself turns into an eerie labyrinth with no exit, and a maniac teacher walks along the corridors, the ruler of this dark new world.

In this first-person game from the Moscow game studio EvilCoGames and the Kaliningrad publisher HeroCraft, the protagonist, together with his girlfriend Erin, must defeat the evil teacher and find out what is behind the madness that gripped the school, and then get out of the maze.

This is harder than it sounds, because the school plan changes every time the teacher finds you, and he himself becomes a little smarter and more dangerous, and the traps you previously set for him no longer work.

At the same time, the game's plot "immerses you in the atmosphere of several iconic periods in US history: from the Civil War to the tumultuous 1980s."

Demo version of the game is available in Steam in English. Its full release is scheduled for late 2020.

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