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Abnormal heat in the USA: roads are melting, electrical substations are burning, events are canceled

Anomalous heat has come to America - in some places the temperature has exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37,8 Celsius), which affects the condition of roads, electricity supply of settlements and public events.

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20 July ruthless heat swept the country from the central states to the east coast, as a result of which traditional triathlon and other events in New York were canceled, and cracks and bends appeared on different states' roads due to high temperatures. USA Today.

It is expected that the strongest heat will affect 200 millions of people. The National Meteorological Service has issued warnings of excessive heat in parts of Panhendla, Texas, and into the Ohio Valley, around the Great Lakes, in the mid-Atlantic regions and in the northeast of the country.

The warning of excessive heat is released when it is expected that the combination of temperature and humidity will create the feeling that the air has warmed to 105 degrees (40,5 Celsius) and more.

On the subject: In the US, the heat is increasing. More than 200 million people at risk

According to weather forecasters, daytime temperatures closer to 100 degrees (37,8) and higher plus high humidity will lead to the fact that in some regions of the country the temperature will be felt as 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 Celsius).

Washington, DC, Philadelphia, New York and Boston prepared in advance for three-digit temperatures this weekend. “Code Red” was issued in New York and Baltimore - a warning of increased readiness for extreme heat. It is expected to remain in effect until Sunday.

Weather forecasters warn that night temperatures are unlikely to fall low enough to bring relief, especially in large cities such as Chicago, St. Louis and New York.

In the cities of Vermont and New Hampshire, opened shelters where people can cool a little.

On the subject: Extreme heat is expected in New York at the weekend: doctors' recommendations

The heat has swept across the country:

  • The authorities in New York have canceled the Sunday triathlon. In addition, Mayor Bill De Blasio canceled a two-day open-air OZY Fest in Central Park with football star Megan Rapino, musician John Legend and Daily Show host Trevor Noah.
  • De Blasio also commissioned office building owners more than 100 feet (30,5 meters) to install thermostats to 78 degrees Fahrenheit (25,5 Celsius) to save energy.
  • In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, I-229 was discontinued after a large stretch of road curved from the heat. Most of the southern lanes of the highway caved in under the heat. Now the movement has been restored.
  • In the south of the central part of Kansas, in the vicinity of Wichita, deep cracks were also found in two highways. “The deformation is mainly caused by the fact that concrete, which is harder than asphalt, expands to the point of break in too hot weather,” said Tim Potter, a representative of the Kansas Department of Transportation. - Sometimes pressure can cause concrete to explode. The problem can also arise when laying asphalt on concrete. Dark asphalt absorbs heat and can increase pressure. "
  • Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers declared a state of emergency after two fires broke out at electrical substations in Madison. He said that he issued an order to "provide support during a major power outage, which is exacerbated by the intense heat affecting the area."

There is some good news: Monday, July 22, will begin to reduce extreme temperatures from the upper Midwest to the east coast. As a result, cooler and drier weather will settle in most of the plains, the Midwest and the eastern part of the country.

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