Anatoly Bely will come to the USA with the most sold-out performance of 2022

The Cherry Orchard festival presents Anatoly Bely in the most sold-out performance of 2022 - "I'm here". This is a performance about losses and about today. It is about each of us in this terrible time.
This performance is a conversation about the most intimate, where the viewer becomes the actor's interlocutor.

Photo courtesy of the organizers of the tour

"I'm here" is the story of a Man. The hero of the performance is either a “small” and “extra” person from classical Russian literature, or a representative of the “lost generation”, sung by world classics in the XNUMXth century. This is a performance about love, about the strength of the spirit, about the desire for light and the great power of life, conquering any evil.

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The combination of genres, created by director Yegor Trukhin and actor Anatoly Bely, combines a wonderful reading of poetry by contemporary authors, masterfully inscribed in the text, and the dramaturgy of the play, and interaction with the audience, and clowning with references to Charlie Chaplin's legendary Tramp. Choosing to live means being able to pick yourself up from the pieces and move on.

The choice of poetic texts that sound in the performance deserves special mention. All of them were written after the start of the war in Ukraine in different parts of the world, but with one all-consuming pain.
“I am here,” we tell you, we are alive, no matter what!

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The creators of the play

Hero: Anatoly Bely, in the past, the leading actor of the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov, and now the star of the Israeli theater Gesher, winner of theatrical awards, film actor (more than 100 films and serials), who expressed his civic position and left Russia for Israel after the start of the war in Ukraine.

Director and author of the idea: Egor Trukhin, a graduate of GITIS (workshop of S. Zhenovach), who left Russia after the start of the war in Ukraine. MOSCOW SHORTS winner in 2021. Director of the play "Hamlet" - participant of the International Shakespeare Festival.

Authors of verses: Alya Khaitlina, Zhenya Berkovich, Lena Berson, Vadim Zhuk and others.

Authors of monologues: Anatoly Bely, Yegor Trukhin.

Music: Vincenzo Bellini, aria "Casta Diva" from the opera "Norma".

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