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Amtrak Offers 25% Off US Routes - Book Now

Amtrak is celebrating the fall season with a massive sale and is offering a 25% discount on tickets. The edition told in more detail Travel and Leisure.

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The sale will last until October 4th. Discounts apply to tickets throughout the United States on most routes in Acela Buses and Business Class. To take advantage of the discount, customers must book a trip between October 1st and December 15th.

“Right now get a 25% discount on already cheap tickets across the country. Get rid of driving problems and long lines and save money,” the company tweeted.

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According to Amtrak, travelers can travel from New York to Philadelphia, PA for as little as $14,25, travel from Washington, DC to New York for as little as $23,25, or from Boston, Massachusetts to New York for as little as $23,25

You can buy tickets for link.

There are also longer-distance routes on sale, such as from New York to Chicago, Illinois, which will cost travelers as little as $67,50, from Los Angeles, California, to Seattle, Washington, where tickets are available for as little as $75,75. .79,50 and from Washington DC to Atlanta Georgia from $XNUMX.

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The sale does not apply to the days of power outage from November 22 to 23 and from November 26 to 27. The sale also does not apply to certain trains, including the new Ethan Allen Express between New York and Burlington, Vermont. Travelers who have booked discounted tickets cannot upgrade their ticket to a non-Acela Sleeper, First Class or Business Class ticket.

This summer, Amtrak has waived the change fee through October 31st for all bookings made before that date, regardless of when the trip is scheduled. However, some cancellation fees still apply and travelers who cancel a Saver Fare ticket, for example 24 hours after purchase, are only entitled to receive 75% of the amount in the form of a non-refundable e-voucher.

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In the U.S. sale Amtrak
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