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American implants implanted to control the robotic arm

A paralyzed disabled man named Eric Sorto had implants in his head. Thanks to them, the American learned to control the power of thought at a distance with robotic arms.

American Eric Sortoh remained completely paralyzed below the neck after a gunshot wound at the age of 21. Such ordinary things as brushing your teeth or drinking coffee became just a dream for him. But, recently, Sort got the opportunity to do it.

The man agreed to an experiment in the introduction of neuroimplants into the brain, which allow him to mentally control the robotic arms. Special microdevices were placed in the area that is responsible for the intention.

Already after 16 days, a person could make certain movements with a robo-arm.

Thanks to microchips, he was able to control mechanical limbs at a distance. The first attempt to raise a glass of beer failed.

"I dropped the first time because I lost concentration... I was so excited," Sort, 34, said.

But now the test subject can help himself to drinks without any problems. Thanks to the “neuroprosthesis”, a disabled person can even make puree or use a mixer.

For three years, the Grade will use cyber prostheses and train to think correctly, control their emotions and thoughts so that the robo-arm moves more naturally.

“If we get FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval, I'm going to try brushing my teeth,” he said.

Let us remind you that scientists recently created digital tattoos that allow you to control a computer with the power of thought. A “mental” typing method was also invented.

In the U.S. USA robot implants invalid
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