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American eco-activist sent to prison in Russia: she walked a calf on Red Square

Alicia Day, an American environmental activist who once kept a pig named Jixie Pixie in a tiny UK apartment, was arrested on Red Square in Moscow for taking her beloved calf named Doctor for a walk, reports Dailymail.

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She was detained by the Russian police for "violating the established procedure for holding a meeting, rally, demonstration, march or picket."

The 34-year-old American, born in New Jersey, has also run into trouble with the law in Poland in the past. In Russia, she was fined $285 for "resisting the police" during the Red Square incident and placed under arrest for 13 days.

According to the case file, she shouted “animals are not food” on Red Square, where public events are prohibited. Day also allegedly tried to resist arrest. The calf was taken to an animal rehabilitation center.

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“I bought a calf so it wouldn't be eaten. I decided to take him to such a beautiful place and show him the country,” she said.

Day has been in Russia since January 21 and worked for an animal welfare organization, entering the country on a tourist visa.

In court, she pleaded guilty.

At the shelter, she took care of seven piglets and three calves, including the one with which she was detained.

Laws in Russia against demonstrations have become stricter since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, although it did not make any political statement with its actions.

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The girl was in Ukraine when the war started and then moved to Poland before heading to Russia.

She said she bought the calf online when she came to Russia.

Day is in trouble over laws that could be used against anti-Putin demonstrations. As soon as the police ordered her to remove the animal from the sacred cobblestones, she complied, she said.

When asked how she brought the calf to Red Square, the girl replied: “By car. I have a driver from Kirov. I paid him to come here. I wanted to show the calf a beautiful place in our beautiful country.”

Living in the UK, Day's landlord in Ealing, West London, forbade the girl from keeping a pig, Jixie Pixie, in her flat.

She paid $37 to save an eight-week-old animal after she saw it advertised online. The farm wanted to sell him to another farm, where he was later to be killed.

Instead, Day offered to buy a pig and then spent $500 on a taxi to take Jixie Pixie to London from Exeter, Devon. However, her landlord found out about the pig and she had to turn it over to the RSPCA.

Day faced criticism from animal rights activists for keeping the piglet in her tiny apartment, but she claimed the animal had a good life because she bathed and cared for it.

In Poland, she said she was "ashamed" that another pig named Pupcia was banned from living with her. She said in May 2021: “I went through a very extensive paperwork process to register as a livestock owner here in Poland. I started working on it on the first day - almost the day after I landed in this country. Neighbors complained that the animal ruined the lawns.

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In an interview, Day said she spent thousands of dollars on pigs, which she called her "children." She takes them with her on taxi rides and restaurants.

In Ukraine, in a rented apartment in the Dnieper, she kept a pig and a calf.

“Actually, I enjoy walking farm animals because sometimes people tell me they start eating less meat when they meet my animals,” she said.

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