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American journalist announced new details of Ukraine’s interference in the US presidential election

At the end of March, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine announced that his department was checking information on possible interference of Ukrainian state bodies in the US presidential election in 2016 year.

Screenshot from video: YouTube / Conservative Citizen

He said that the Ukrainian court concluded that the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) purposefully “merged” documents about Paul Manafort’s financial ties with Ukrainian politicians American media at the height of the US election campaign. Paul Manafort was the head of Trump's campaign headquarters when materials about his deals with the Party of Regions in Ukraine, which he concealed, began to appear in leading American publications. This led to his resignation from the headquarters and the emergence of ideas about Trump's conspiracy with Russia, since among the long-time partners of Manafort were Russians. The Party of Regions did not hide its pro-Russian views, and Manafort, associated with it, was the first person in Trump’s election campaign. As a result, the investigation proved that there was no collusion between Trap and Russiahowever, according to the famous American investigative journalist John Solomon, which he voiced in Sean Hanniti Show 29 March, there is reason to suspect a collusion between Hillary Clinton headquarters and Ukraine.

“The court in Ukraine came to the conclusion that the NABU leadership deliberately leaked these documents in order to influence the American elections. This is the conclusion of the court, and not speculation, unconfirmed “dossiers”, etc. In addition, it became known that a member of the Ukrainian parliament released an audio recording in which an official from the NABU told that this leak of information was organized deliberately because they preferred Hillary Clinton's candidacy to Donald Trump. As a result, what we see: an official Ukrainian department caught trying to influence the US elections in favor of Hillary Clinton, ”Solomon said.

According to him, after receiving this information, it would be worth asking what the Hillary Clinton team knew? And here very interesting data come up.

“Let's remember the story published in the spring of 2017, which almost no one paid attention to. Then the Politico edition published an article that for some reason, a researcher worked in the Democratic National Committee and the campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton, who remained in constant contact with representatives of the Ukrainian embassy in Washington. That is, Clinton collected information from the foreign embassy about Donald Trump and Russia, ”the journalist recalled.

At the same time, when Clinton’s headquarters collaborated with the Ukrainian embassy in Washington, in Ukraine itself, the Ukrainian authorities, represented by NABU, collected information on Manafort and allowed it to leak out in the media around the world.

“There are many steps to be taken before we can admit something more specific and not make unfounded statements. But we already have sketches of a scheme for using connections in a foreign embassy during the presidential race. And now the court of the same foreign state tells us that the country actually tried to interfere in the elections and really tried to help Clinton, ”Solomon stressed.

However, for almost three years from the date of the election, no one paid attention to this data, instead, the FBI 9 spent months investigating Trump's relationship with Russia, and two Congressional investigations were organized on the same occasion, as well as the sensational Muller investigation. And the reason for them was not real evidence, but the dubious “dossier” on Trump, compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele. But also Ukrainians are involved in this dossier.

From the testimony of Nelly Or in Congress, which were recently made public, it became known that one of the sources of the dossier was the Ukrainian parliamentarian Sergey Leschenko. Nellie Or, a former employee of Fusion GPS in Washington, said during the testimony of 19 in October that Sergey Leshchenko, a former investigative journalist who became a Ukrainian parliamentarian, was the source of Fusion GPS during the 2016 presidential election campaign of the year.

Fusion GPS is known for its work on compiling a dossier against Donald Trump, claiming that Trump and his campaign headquarters have colluded with the Russian authorities to influence the outcome of the 2016 election of the year.

Having received 1 a million dollars from the National Democratic Party Committee and Hillary Clinton's headquarters, Fusion GPS hired former British spy Christopher Steele to investigate Trump's ties to Russia. While this investigation lasted, Fusion GPS was digging into Trump's dirty underwear, the members of his headquarters and his family.

Or also told Congress that Fusion GPS commissioned her study of the travel and business activities of Trump's children. Op and some of the company's employees also focused on finding information about Paul Manaforte, who served as head of Trump's campaign headquarters from April to August 2016.

In addition to gathering information and intelligence about people involved in the Trump campaign, Fusion GPS also distributed its investigation findings in the press.

In addition, Nelli Or stated that Leshchenko also provided Fusion GPS with information about Manaforte.

“This is another point that indicates that the Democrats relied on Ukraine to collect information against Trump,” the journalist said.

Solomon stressed that the people who invented the Trump and Russia conspiracy should be punished.

“I have always believed that punishment is the best solution. Anyone who is involved in American intelligence, and who knowingly misled the president or American society during the election, should be held accountable by any means available: criminal punishment or through administrative penalties ... But we have clear evidence that fraud took place , a campaign to promote misinformation to persuade the court to allow surveillance of the Republican campaign headquarters, "the journalist said, referring to Spying on Trump Staff Carter Paige during the election of 2016 of the year, which was approved by Deputy US Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, in part thanks to the fake file of British spy Christopher Steele.

He added that many people, including the FBI and journalists, were complicit in the creation of the fake idea of ​​Trump's conspiracy with Russia.

“I always use the NYT as an example: in April 2017, this publication reported that senior Trump staff officials met with senior intelligence officials to coordinate the campaign. But that was not the case. And even after Comey testified that this was not the case, NYT did not correct its article, ”the journalist said.

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