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The American fund participated in the laundering of money stolen from the state budget of Ukraine: some of it was received by Biden’s son

On November 14, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine brought new charges to Mykola Zlochevsky, a member of the “family” of the fugitive president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and the owner of the controversial energy company Burisma. These documents deal with the laundering of funds stolen from the Ukrainian budget, as well as that this money was received from Burisma by Hunter Biden, the son of former US Vice President Joe Biden, in fact becoming a defendant in an international corruption scam.

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The essence of the charges

The prosecutor of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Konstantin Kulik told about the progress and conclusions of the investigation in an interview “Apostrophe".

“In 2014, the task was to organize an investigation into the activities of Yanukovych. Three main groups were created to do this. This is Sergey Gorbatyuk, who investigated crimes on the Maidan, crimes against the person. I dealt with crimes against the economy along with other prosecutors and investigators, but in the end I remained in business as a leading prosecutor. And there was a third category - treason Yanukovych. This is what went already to the Obolonsky court, and the sentence has already been passed there, ”the prosecutor noted.

The group investigating the economic bloc managed to establish how the money stolen from Ukrainians was stolen and legalized.

“During the investigation of the economic bloc, I collected 4 thousands of volumes of documents. To date, they are engaged in six people. We were able to establish that in 2010, when Yanukovych came to power, he already came as the leader of the group. Using official powers, he began to create a criminal organization, destroying some groups, absorbing some. Investigating the activities of these groups, we established their feature - they committed all crimes by prior conspiracy, ”said Kulik.

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“They also had a conspiracy to withdraw money from Ukraine - in the Baltic countries there was a system of“ sinks ”, the basis of which was banks. The task was to withdraw money from Ukraine and deposit it into correspondent accounts of Baltic banks. As a result, money from different groups was mixed in correspondent accounts of Latvian banks. And then, at the direction of those around Yanukovych, this money was spent on some of their goals. This was the first link in laundering. And Burisma is already the legalization of money that was received in the second link, when the money came from correspondent accounts of Latvian banks, ”the investigator explained.

He specified that the Prosecutor General’s Office has not yet made charges against Hunter Biden, however, he appears in the case.

“There are no charges against Hunter Biden. The situation with him is as follows: the money that went into Burisma's accounts in the manner described by me through two other companies (ViroLogic and DigitExpo) was of illegal origin ... Further, this money that went into Burisma and had illegal origin, according to our partners from the Baltic States and Cyprus , were transferred to the accounts of four individuals, one of which is Hunter Biden. Since this money is of illegal origin, we are obliged to check the versions of the possible legalization of this money in this way, ”Kulik explained.

Circuit details

MP Alexander Dubinsky at press conferences at Interfax He showed official suspicion to Zlochevsky and specified how Hunter Biden was involved in the case.

“This suspicion refers to the fact that Mr. Biden received in Ukraine money laundered by Mr. Zlochevsky and the“ family ”of Yanukovych,” Dubinsky said.

“According to suspicion, Biden and partners received 16,5 million dollars for services under Burisma. The son of US Vice President Joe Biden was rewarded for his services, I quote, "obtained by criminal means, laundered money." Biden received money, the source of which is not a successful activity; this is the money of Ukrainian citizens stolen, they were obtained by criminal means, ”said Ukrainian MP Andrei Derkach during a press conference.

But that's not all - Yanukovych managed to invest the stolen money in government bonds of Ukraine, actually receiving income from the Ukrainian government debt, which he himself expanded by robbing the state budget. Moreover, the fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, instead of curtailing this scheme, took advantage of it.

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“Zlochevsky laundered money for several Yanukovych companies at once through his three firms in the Baltic. It was a global operation, first to steal money from the Ukrainian budget, then withdraw these funds to offshore, and then invest these funds back into Ukrainian government bonds, a public debt. Both in the case of Yanukovych and in the case of Poroshenko, the investment of this stolen money was made by Ms. Gontareva and the companies controlled by her, ”Dubinsky noted, adding that these data are confirmed by the decision of the Kramatorsk court, in which the entire chain of financial fraud was indicated.

That is, Ukraine now pays interest on the state debt on bonds that were bought with money stolen from Ukrainians.

Legalization of stolen money through an American fund

Yanukovych’s financial frauds affected not only Biden, but also other democrats in the United States, so it is not surprising that the previous administration of the American president tried to prevent the investigation of cases against a fugitive Ukrainian guarantor. American investment fund Franklin Templeton Investments is involved in the legalization of almost 7,5 billion dollars of money stolen by Yanukovych.

“In 2013, Yanukovych’s representatives visited the United States on an 4-day visit, there they met with representatives of Franklin Templeton and invested money that was first withdrawn from Ukraine, and then with the help of Franklin Templeton, which is actually a screen company, invested them in Ukrainian debt bonds. An investment fund with multi-billion-dollar assets (780 billion dollars of assets) acted as a screen company in order to get Yanukovych’s money back to Ukraine, ”Dubinsky said.

This fund is quite closely connected with the Democratic Party through the financing of its candidates.

“The son of the founder of Franklin Templeton, John Templeton Jr., is one of the largest donors to the election campaign of Bark Obama, and therefore it was extremely important for Yanukovych to have such a partner in the process of legalizing money stolen from Ukraine. Thus, they received a patron in the face of the United States and the opportunity to calmly legalize money stolen from Ukrainians in foreign jurisdictions, ”Dubinsky explained.

Attempts to interfere with the investigation

In 2016, representatives of the FBI and the Department of Justice came to Ukraine, they received information on the participation of the American fund in laundering Ukrainian money, but they did not give a progress. Later, prosecutor generals of Ukraine Viktor Shokin and Yuriy Lutsenko tried to promote these cases, but to no avail. The former US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, knew about them, since the Prosecutor General wrote letters to the embassy, ​​but in her testimony to Congress, the diplomat said that she did not know about these investigations, and this explained the absence of any actions to promote them on her part .

“In our opinion, Ambassador Marie Jovanovic should explain why she has long been covering up international corruption for a long time, why prosecutors General Shokin and Lutsenko were not allowed into the United States for a long time,” Derkach said.

“It turns out that billions were stolen from Ukrainians at the state level, money stolen was laundered, and then legalized through American investment funds. With the help of ambassadors, diplomats and senior officials in Ukraine and the United States, these schemes were covered up. The stolen and laundered money returned to Ukraine as a debt, the authorities agreed to a development tax to make it even more difficult to repay debts, and this debt is growing every day, threatening the country with bankruptcy, ”he summed up.

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Prosecutor Kulik also announced attempts to thwart the investigation, but from a number of American media outlets. He clarified that the first charge against Zlochevsky with the name of Hunter Biden appeared long before the presidential election in Ukraine. Therefore, to say that Trump crushed Zelensky for the purpose of investigating this case, at least it is strange, since the investigation was already ongoing long before their telephone conversation. In addition, Kulik noted that the American media often twist the information and publish outright lies in this case, and this affects the course of the investigation. Among such media outlets, he specifically indicated the New York Times and the Washington Post, with whom, he said, he had repeatedly talked with, but they did not want to publish his comments.

“I already think about this and discussed with lawyers: it is possible to file lawsuits and win cases against them in court for disseminating false information,” he said, noting that one of the lawsuits has already been prepared.

“I instructed lawyers to do this because it affects the course of the investigation that I am conducting. If it didn’t influence, then they wrote an article so they wrote - constantly someone writes something. In this case, they influence, because these are all elements of an investigation pressure campaign. This is international corruption, this is international crime. It can only be investigated by creating an international investigation team. And now all kinds of measures are being taken to discredit this matter and prevent the possibility of creating such a group. I’ll tell you more: Lutsenko spent two years trying to create such a group. When it became clear that this could not be done through the embassy, ​​he began to look for some other mechanisms and ways. This resulted in what is happening now, and the goal was good - to create an international investigation team, ”Kulik said.

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