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US employers accelerate sponsorship of green cards for foreign employees

As panic escalates around the restriction of H-1B visas by the Donald Trump administration, US employers are trying to help their non-US employees feel safe, writes Quartz India.

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In 2020, four out of five employers sponsored green cards for their foreign employees during one year of operation, compared with two-thirds of the previous year, according to Envoy Global immigration law firm. Among them, a quarter did so right after hiring a candidate.

Chicago-based Envoy Global interviewed 433 HR specialists and hiring managers in various industries and companies of various sizes.

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In December 2019, some 800 foreign nationals legally working in the United States were expecting green cards. Most of them were from India. This group faces the biggest delay in receiving green cards due to an annual limit on allocations of up to 000% per country.

According to the estimates of the CATO Institute analytical center, the waiting time for people from India is 49 years at the current processing rate.

The H-1B visa allows foreigners to live and work in the United States for up to 6 years. Ever since Donald Trump became president of the United States in 2016, red tape has worsened and visa denials have increased.

Nearly three-quarters of US companies in the survey said they sponsor permanent legal residence in the US for foreign employees.

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This year, companies not only sponsor green cards faster, but also try to do it for more employees, and also cover visa costs.

However, American employers are also particularly cautious in helping their overseas workers. More than 30% added to the contract with employees a clause relating to compensation for losses in the event that a person quits within a certain period of time.

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