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How to choose an MBA program at an American university

If you are a foreign student or a professional in your search for an MBA program, consider the United States option. American MBA programs are known all over the world - their graduates gain a competitive advantage in the business world thanks to a high level of education, a variety of programs and unparalleled connections, acquaintances and resources.

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In the US, there are more than a thousand MBA programs for every taste - from specialized education to unique programs designed specifically for foreign students. In this resource material Study in the usa It tells about the types of programs and how to find a suitable university.

A variety of MBA programs

Most American business schools — regardless of their core specialization — will teach you the key principles of business management. These principles include: accounting, economics, finance, marketing, statistics, and more. You can also choose a program for a specific request - depending on what area you are going to develop: business administration, finance, HR, information technology, marketing, management of non-profit organizations, and so on.

For example, in Business School named. Edward S. Ageno of Golden Gate University (Ggu) in San Francisco you can get an MBA in different directions, including accounting, business administration, finance, general administration, human resource management or international business. The Golden Gate University, like many other educational institutions, offers both inpatient and online programs, which allows for more flexible planning of studies. Online programs open up opportunities for international students to get a full-fledged diploma and professional certificate without leaving home.

How to choose an MBA program

  1. Think in what area you would like to get an education

If you decide on your personal and professional goals, it will help you narrow down the list of universities that best suit your needs. Do you want a general MBA or a program that is created for a special profession?

If you are planning to look for a job in a particular field, consider the factor of placement of the university. Most MBA programs work with local companies and business leaders in their communities. Thus, visiting some universities, you get great opportunities for connections, dating and employment prospects in your chosen field. For example, New York is one of the banking and financial centers of the world, while in the San Francisco Bay area there are offices of many leading technology companies.

  1. Find universities offering programs specifically for international students.

Before applying for the program, determine which universities have special programs for foreign students. Most American MBA programs accept students with a bachelor’s degree from an American university’s 4-year program, or an equivalent degree from another country. If you studied under the 3-year program, you may have to complete preparatory courses to apply for a specific MBA. At Golden Gate University, for example, such a program is called Bridge - It allows foreign students to enroll in full higher education without obtaining a second bachelor's degree.

Many American universities offer special services to foreign students who help them to integrate into the new academic environment. Consultants for international students and those who come with them help them become part of the local community. Some universities also have fairly flexible student admission rules. For example, the program of the University Golden Gate GGU Plus Program (Preparation and Language and University Studies) allows students who have not achieved a little on points for language tests like TOEFL to apply for a full-fledged curriculum. PLUS combines language courses, training support, and master and bachelor classes. For example, it includes courses called “Culture of the American Audience” and “Academic Communication Skills”.

You should also find out about the availability of services and programs that help foreign students communicate with each other, look for cohabitants, as well as resolve issues with a visa and immigration. Make sure you understand how much help you need to get involved and get used to the new academic environment.

  1. Pick a program that fits into your lifestyle

Many foreign students want to make the most of their time in the USA to get an MBA and learn more about American culture. When you look for the MBA program, check its location and find out what this area is, what opportunities it has for entertainment, recreation, art, as well as historical and cultural attractions.

  1. Follow your dream!

Foreign students are an important resource for American students - you open to them other points of view on the world, which is very important in modern conditions. With such a wide choice of programs, you will definitely find the one that suits you, and where you will get that education and contacts that will later help you achieve your own goals.

One of the reasons why thousands of international students come to study for MBA programs in the US is the variety of choices

MSc students can focus on studying finance, accounting, business, marketing, business management, network management, global business, and more. We live in a global market that continues to grow. Having gained fresh knowledge and experience in one area of ​​business, you will have more advantages in the labor market. Moreover, getting an MBA in America will also be proof that you have foreign experience and knowledge.

Theory in practice

In American higher education, fundamental principles and theories must be learned, but their full understanding is achieved only in practice. American MBA programs clearly reflect this philosophy of education. You will analyze real-life case studies and business scenarios to develop strategies, business plans, budgets, and so on. Such projects will prepare you for real-life situations from the business world and will learn to cope with them through practical knowledge.

“On the course in logistics management, we discussed cases of Ford, HP, Ralph Lauren and the like. We imagined that we are managers, and analyzed the problem and ways to solve it. We applied the strategies from the tutorial to find these solutions. It was great, ”says Bunpa Ing-Anuraksakul, a Thai logistics management student at Truckee Madows College in Reno, Nevada.

Most MBA programs require students to undergo internships or internships. Internship is a great way to really feel what your work will look like, as well as apply the knowledge gained. As a rule, interns are accepted by successful companies - this means that you will work in a dynamic environment. You will also be expected to conduct professional behavior.

Internship is not only training in action, but also opportunities to build professional connections. Communication is one of the main career building tools. Being on an internship, try to meet and make contacts with as many professionals as possible. They can help you in your job search or become your future colleagues.

“My program requires practice. I think this is very good as it encourages students to apply their skills outside the classroom and gain real-world experiences before graduation, ”says Hijung Kim, a Korean student in Management and Marketing at Loyola University in New Orleans.

Another plus internship - you can specify a respectable American company in your resume.

“When I finish my MBA program, I will have to face competition in the global job market. Having experience with people from different cultures will give me a competitive edge in the professional world, ”said Juri Adrianto from Indonesia, an Information Systems student at Farley Dickinson University in Teenek, New Jersey.

University of California, Berkeley, Program Extension

Faster than the diploma of the MBA program, you can get a certificate that enables intensive training and application of knowledge in an American company. The International Diploma Programs (IDP) of the University of California at Berkeley offers three options: the 4-month training program; The 8-Monthly Program, which combines the 4-month training and the 4 internship month; or annual program Management and Business TrackDuring which 8 months, students receive knowledge in two areas of business, and 4 months have practice.

IDP coordinates student internships at various companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, non-profit organizations and government agencies. Most students fall into small or medium-sized companies, so they have ample opportunities to build close working relationships, which, in turn, improves work experience. Interns work in different areas: advertising, computer, entertainment, e-commerce, finance and banking, information systems, healthcare, international trade, marketing, PR and telecommunications.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautics University is a global leader in aviation and aerospace education. By program MBA in Aviation Management (MBA-AM) Students learn the business, management and fiscal skills required in the global aviation industry and the rocket and space industry. The program takes place at Daytona Beach, Florida, where they study the operational and commercial needs of aviation and aerospace firms.

Program Master of Science in Aviation Finance (MSAF) kicked off in 2013 year. It is dedicated to the unique needs of the aviation and rocket and space industry: raising capital, financial planning, financing critical infrastructure needs, acquiring aircraft, and updating the fleet. Teachers, together with industry leaders and government officials, many of whom are graduates of the program, together create curricula for the programs MBA in Aviation Management и Master of Science in Aviation Finance.

Graduates work in various aviation industry companies, including companies such as Boeing, Airbus and Rolls-Royce, Delta, United, Etihad, Jet Airways and Korean Airlines, and Atlanta, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and Abu airports -Daby. Those who come to college with visits, share their experiences and talk about the actual needs of the air transport industry, and also provide opportunities for internships on airlines, airports and consulting firms around the world.

University of Arkansas

Logistics management is one of the fastest growing business specialties around the world. Business College. Sam Walton at the University of Arkansas created a department called Supply management (Department of Logistics Management), where students receive diplomas in this area. Most foreign students at Walton College choose this program because of the growing labor market in this area and the international reputation of teachers. Students on the program Supply study modeling, forecasting, transportation strategies and global logistics. The program also allows you to additionally listen to seminars on the subject of negotiation skills, networking, and others. There is an opportunity to work with a tutor to write a resume, interviews, salary negotiations and the skills to create the best first impression.

University of Farley-Dickinson

At Farley-Dickinson University near New York, students come from different parts of the world — they are attracted by the annual accelerated MBA program in global business. Under the program, they are studying the management of multinational staffing and expansion to global markets. The program meets the high standards of business education and is accredited by the Association for the Development of University Business Schools (AACSB). The MBA program consists of courses that focus on models, theories, concepts and practices used by successful organizations to gain competitive advantage in the global market. Student practice includes company visits and an 10-day business trip abroad.

Loyola University in New Orleans

The New Orleans University offers an MBA program that prepares future leaders of non-profit and commercial organizations in a growing global market. The program is very flexible in terms of timetable for students - classes can be attended in whole or in part. Students study such subjects: leadership dynamics, ethical and legal responsibility, financial management, global logistics management, decision making and global strategies. The university collaborates with local companies, which allows students to use their knowledge outside of classrooms. Recently, business counseling students have collaborated with the South Coast Angel Fund. As a result of a study conducted by them, one startup on social networks received an investment of $ 500 thousands.

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