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The American company announced the successful results of vaccine testing: what's next

Moderna Inc said on Monday May 18th that its experimental COVID-19 vaccine has developed antibodies that can neutralize new coronavirus in patients early in clinical trials. Writes about this "Voice of America".

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Preliminary results from a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health showed that antibody levels were similar to those found in blood samples from people who recovered from COVID-19.

Study participants were given three different doses of the vaccine. As noted by Moderna, a dependence of the growth of the body's immunity on the dose volume was found.

It has also been found that the mRNA-1273 vaccine is generally safe and easily tolerated by the body.

Moderna leads the global vaccine development effort for the new coronavirus. The US Department of Health gave her a “green light” in the creation of the drug. A new phase of research is due to begin in July.

Following reports of promising vaccine research results, US financial markets have shown growth. As of 08.04 a.m., e-mini Dow futures were up 629 points or 2,67%, the S&P 500 was up 71,5 points or 2,51%, and the Nasdaq 100 was up 181,5 points or 2,0%.

In coronavirus vaccine test participants (mRNA-1273), the body began to produce antibodies to this virus at the same or higher level than in people who recovered from COVID-19. This was reported by the company on its website. This means that this vaccine can be effective in preventing the disease caused by coronavirus, writes "Voice of America".

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The results of this study have not been verified by other independent researchers and have not been published. However, if further testing is successful, said Dr. Tel Sachs, the company's chief medical officer, the vaccine may be available as early as January: “This is very good news that we have been waiting for a long time.”

Testing of the vaccine is still at the first stage, when it is tested for safety and only a few dozen volunteers. In eight of them, blood samples showed the presence of antibodies. Blood samples from other participants have not yet been analyzed.

The vaccine introduces a small amount of the genetic code of the virus in the form of RNA. The human body produces a viral protein and the immune system reacts to it as a foreign one, which causes an immune response and the production of specific antibodies.

“We have shown that these antibodies can block the virus. I think this is an important first step on our road to a vaccine, ”Sachs said.

Moderna Inc, which is one of eight companies in the world that is testing the COVID-19 vaccine, has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at the start of the second phase of the test, in which several hundred people will participate , and it is expected that in July the company will move to the third stage of testing with the participation of several thousand people.

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