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The American took the rare Apple computer for trash

An unknown woman donated an Apple I computer worth 200 thousand dollars to a recycling station in California.

The American turned into scrap after the death of her husband back in April, deciding to hand over his things for recycling. A few weeks later, when company employees opened her boxes, they found an unusual object in one of them. It turned out to be a rare first-generation computer (one of 200) Apple I, released by company founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne in 1976 year.

“We could not believe our eyes. We thought it was a fake, ”said Victor Gichun, vice president of the Clean Bay Area.

The recycling company eventually sold the computer to a private collector for 200 thousand dollars. Employees of the Clean Bay Area, according to internal rules, intend to find a client who left a rare device to give her half of the fee received from its sale. However, the woman did not leave any contact information.

Apple I saw the light in April 1976 of the year and became the company's first computer. The device was developed and assembled by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

The computer, in the form of a finished board, was sold for the 666,66 dollar (the price, according to legend, was assigned by Wozniak, who loved “duplicate numbers”). The user had to add the body, screen, keyboard and power supply to it.

In total, Wozniak and Steve Jobs sold about two hundred computers. The 43 machines have survived to this day, with six fully operational (one of them is sold in Cologne).

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