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An American woman buys goods at Aldi for only 25 cents apiece: she shared a life hack

TikTok user and shopper Aldi opened up about the strategy she uses to pay just 25 cents for an item at the grocery store. The edition told in more detail The Sun.

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Aldi is one of the most affordable and popular grocery stores in the US. However, most shoppers will be surprised to see that any item can be purchased for as little as 25 cents.

The store has been known to charge 25 cents to rent a shopping cart, but TikToker @arit_shops explained how other items can be purchased for the same price.

Ari, who runs an account and calls herself Aldinerd on TikTok, often posts shopping tips for Aldi and other popular grocery stores.

In a recent video, she showed off a cart full of greens and baked goods, which she says cost as little as 25 cents a pack.

The secret behind this price lies in what time of day Aldinerd shopped.

“Go to Aldi before closing,” Ari advised.

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In a comment, she explained that the best time to arrive at the store is approximately 45 minutes before closing. By shopping at the end of the day, Aldinerd gets huge discounts on certain items.

As you know, the store, in order to clear the shelves, offers big discounts on certain food items that are nearing the end of their shelf life.

For example, in Ari's cart were garlic cloves, buns, a loaf of bread, chopped greens - all products with a short shelf life.

She said that most often small prices can be found on Friday and Sunday evenings. Ari usually finds big discounts on products one to three days after they expire.

@arit_shops I scored. @ALDI USA #aldi ♬ Good Day – Nappy Roots

One of the best deals she pulled off with this tactic was when she bought two salmon fillets for just 87 cents.

Another TikTok commenter said he recently found cheese and salad for 25 cents in his Aldi.

“This happened to me last week. We bought chicken, 3 packs of lettuce and 4 blocks of cheese for a total of $3"? wrote one user.

Some users also note that they work at Aldi and their store either does not have such promotions, or they do the opposite in the early morning immediately after opening.

Aldi also routinely lowers the price of baked goods as the expiration date approaches and labels discounted items with large stickers.

Bread usually stays good for a few days past its expiration date, so don't worry about the quality.

If you can't find any discounted items, Ari recommends asking a member of staff to point you in the right direction.

Tips for maximum savings at Aldi

You can usually find the best deals at Aldi on Wednesdays, as the store restocks Aldi Finds - one of its most popular items with significant discounts - on Tuesday evenings.

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If you're a gluten-free eater, Aldi offers a wide selection of these high quality products, including ready meals, snacks and desserts at low prices.

You can also shop online for delivery or pickup and still have access to all Aldi discounts for added convenience.

Customers who have the Aldi Store app on their iPhone or Android device can access a number of additional perks. The app contains Aldi's weekly ads full of coupons and provides customers with up-to-date Aldi discount listings.

In addition to Aldi offers, you can save even more by using cashback and coupon apps that accept Aldi checks.

And if something goes wrong with your purchase, take advantage of our extremely generous return policy. You are guaranteed to receive a replacement product and your money back upon return.

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