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American woman moved into a car so as not to pay rent: how she lives

The American woman decided to get rid of the largest item of her expenses and moved from a rented apartment to her own car. She talks about how she lives LADbible.

Photo: video frame YouTube / Nikita Crump

By Nikita's own admission, she has been “essentially” homeless all her life and has repeatedly lived in a car, so she is familiar with all sorts of uncomfortable situations and lack of housing. More recently, the girl was faced with the fact that her debts are constantly increasing. To save money, she had to refuse meetings with friends, she skipped meals. As a result, Nikita decided to cross out the largest account from her expenses - and stopped renting a house.

She fully equipped her car in order to live in it. The girl has a stand on which she attaches a mobile phone and watches a video (Nikita calls it “TV”), has a portable charger for a mobile phone, keeps things in special compact organizers, and in order to create comfort and close her “home ”From prying eyes, uses blackout-overlays on the windows. If the girl is going to eat, she installs a portable table on the steering wheel.

According to Nikita, money was the main motivation for her to switch to this lifestyle. The girl likes minimalism and conscious consumption of resources, she wanted to get new experience and develop her personality in the process of change.

“When I say,“ I chose this, ”I mean that everything is exactly like that. I chose it myself, ”she admits.

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Nikita showed how her day begins, adjusted for a pandemic. She removes the covers from the windows, hides the blanket and pillow, gets behind the wheel and drives to her friend's house to take a shower. When the XNUMX-hour gyms were not closed, Nikita took a shower there. She takes her handbag with accessories and a towel with her.

In the evening, the procedure is reversed. First, Nikita covers the windows with covers from the inside, then inflates the pillows, changes into comfortable clothes, takes out a blanket and goes to bed.


In the trunk, Nikita stores everything that can be useful to her in everyday life: electronics, batteries, cosmetics, repellents, a first aid kit. She washes clothes in laundries and parks her car in the parking lots at night. Nikita washes her head in the sink using a special shower pump.

During the day, the girl goes to cafes and restaurants, goes into nature, meets friends, walks and relaxes in the park. When friends visit her, she inflates additional pillows and mattresses for a comfortable stay in the car.

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