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The American became the Internet father of millions of children: how is this possible

American Rob Kenny has become an Internet father to many children. Kenny decided to start a YouTube channel with simple instructions for children growing up without a father. The channel is called: "Dad, how to do it?" (Dad, how do I?), Reports Good Morning America.

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Rob talks about how to clean the sink, iron a shirt, change a wheel, fill up a shelf, and even how to shave and tie a tie.

When Robert Kenny launched his YouTube channel on April 1, he wanted to make dad's instructional videos just for his kids. Kenny, 55, least expected him to become an internet sensation, gaining nearly 2 million subscribers or new “kids” in just a few short weeks.

“As of this morning, I just inherited 1,6 million children,” said Kenny from Washington state. -I had no idea that "Dad, how to do this?" will be so popular and I don't know how it happened. "

According to him, inspired by all the "grown-up" questions he received from his daughter, 28-year-old Christina, Kenny began filming videos to share with his children and one day with his grandchildren.

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“My daughter and I talk all the time about growing up and what to do, so I told her about my idea, and she said:“ Dad, that would be great, ”he recalled.

Kenny began with the initiation rites that his grown children, Christina and Kyle, 25, or grandchildren might need, such as how to shave their face and how to tie a tie, and then tackled general household problems such as how to clean the sink. how to fix a flow-through toilet and much more.

Kenny knows that the internet is full of this kind of instructional videos, but he puts his heart and soul into his work.

“One of the things is kindness. I tried to be kind and loving, ”he said, adding that the Internet“ does not have an algorithm for kindness ”.

At the end of each video, Rob, like a real loving father, necessarily adds important words for each child: “I am good for you!”.

“I get emotional ... I uploaded a video, and I just said:“ I am proud of you, I love you, God bless you, ”and then I read in some comments that there are people who have never heard such words addressed to them, that someone is proud of them, ”Kenny recalled.

Particularly noteworthy are the comments in which people thank Rob and share their stories:

“God, I so often asked someone to teach my sons these things when I was raising them alone !! Thank you".

“As a young guy whose disabled father cannot teach many things, I am looking forward to your videos. I appreciate your mission. "

“I’ll pay the price if at the end of the video you say,“ I’m proud of you. ”

Kenny has been married for 29 years. Building a strong and supportive family has always been his goal after being abandoned by his own father when he was a teenager, he says.

“When I was 11 or 12, when my dad pulled away emotionally and then he officially announced that he didn't need kids, when I was 14, at my little sister’s birthday party,” Kenny said. who is one of seven siblings.

“Since then, I have been determined not to do this with my own children. Marriage and parenting is difficult, but you have to go through with it and that has always been my goal, ”he says.

Kenny said he luckily found his older brother Rick as a father figure.

Since the channel's launch, he has said he received support from strangers close to the story.

He said he feels a great responsibility towards the younger generation who follow his video.

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Kenny, who said he eventually made up with his dad towards the end of his life, said he wants all dads to remember one thing: no one is perfect.

“I didn't always do everything exactly as planned, but I quickly resigned myself. I think the main thing is to be vulnerable to your children without trying to act like you know everything. You will eventually find out that you are not perfect, ”said Kenny.

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