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American defecated outside Nancy Pelosi's home during a live YouTube broadcast

YouTuber explains why he showed live defecation in the driveway of Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco residence. New York Post.

Photo: screenshot YouTube / Treeno

A YouTube blogger who filmed him defecating in the driveway of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco residence said he did it as a "peaceful protest," but admitted it was "a joke that got out of hand ".

The man, who calls himself "Mando" or "Armando" on his online channels and asks not to be named for fear of retaliation, told The Post that the incident began with a joke by commentators on his live broadcast. The original video has been deleted, but numerous copies have survived on the web.

The 28-year-old said he is part of a niche YouTube community that creates "real-time" live streams of everyday life in plain form.

He started the channel after becoming homeless 6 years ago and hoped to show his viewers the realities of street life as he travels from city to city.

But the recent coronavirus-related lockdowns have made everyday life more difficult, Mando said, especially when businesses are closed to customers and no longer allow people to use toilets.

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As a result, the live broadcast titled “Poopalosi” (“Kakalosi”) began as a protest against the lack of resources for people living on the streets, while people in power such as Pelosi can live their daily lives with little or no change.

“I've been looking for a toilet all week, and a joke popped up in the comments on one of my streams:“ Hey, you should defecate at Pelosi's house, ”Mando told The Post. "Everyone loved the idea, and in the end I just couldn't hold it back anymore."

The video shows Mando wandering the streets of San Francisco in search of Pelosi's home. Once there, he sets up the camera across the street and stops for a few minutes in the driveway.

He ends up waving at the audience before squatting down to do his thing on the sidewalk.

“It was for President Trump,” he says after stepping out of camera.

Mando told The Post that the comment was intended to be "satire" and that it was "not very political," although Mando himself supports Trump's accomplishments and fears rising crime and a worsening country.

“I'm afraid America is turning into one big burned-out city,” he said.

Just hours after the incident, Mando said, he was stopped by officers from the police department, who detained him on orders from the Capitol Police, the agency tasked with protecting members of Congress.

"It was scary! I thought my life was over at that moment, ”he said.

“They kept asking me: 'Are you this? Are you then? Are you Antifa? And the Capitol police were definitely watching my channel because I heard them say on the radio, "Tell him to turn off the broadcast."

A BART police spokesman confirmed this information, but added nothing.

Immediately after the incident, Mando apologized to Pelosi on Twitter, saying, “@SpeakerPelosi, I know you may never see this, but I want you to know that yesterday I was not going to cause serious damage when I did what I did. ... I'm not at all proud of this and just would like you to know that. I have no ill will against you or any elected official. "

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Mando also told The Post that the act "is not something I am particularly proud of" and that he has no dislike for Pelosi or anyone else - although he hopes his "peaceful protest" will inspire those in power provide more resources to the homeless or those who otherwise find themselves in a difficult situation.

“Is there a better way to get a message across to someone? He asks. "We need more access to toilets, we need more access to resources here."

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