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Americans borrow 88 billions in medical bills

The cost of medicine in the United States is considered the highest. Last year, many Americans could not afford to pay medical bills, so they took loans for 88 billion dollars to pay the part for which they did not have enough money.

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According to a new survey by West Health and Gallup, in a new report titled “The US Healthcare Crisis”, 88 took billions in loans a year before the study, which was conducted from January 14 to February 20. The survey was conducted as a survey of 3 537 adults older than 18 years, living in 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Gallup said that among the 36 countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the United States had the highest health spending in 2017. The total amount was 3,7 trillion dollars across the country, which is about 10 739 dollars per person.

Also, 45% of Americans are worried that a major change in health care will bankrupt them, according to a West Health-Gallup poll. In addition, last year 41% of Americans surveyed said they did not visit the emergency room because of the price.

Fifteen million Americans last year "put off" the purchase of prescription drugs, again because of the cost.

76% believe that the problem will worsen, because health care costs will increase even more over the next two years.

Americans don't just worry about their personal health care spending. About 77% are worried that rising health care costs will cause “significant and lasting damage” to the American economy. However, 48% of Americans believe that the quality of care in the United States is either "the best in the world" or "one of the best."

Ironically, 76% of Americans say they pay too much compared to the quality of care they receive. Gallup notes, however, that such a perception of quality does not correspond to reality when compared with data that indicate that America is lagging behind many other 36 countries in terms of health care. For example, the study authors indicated that the United States ranks 31 from 36 countries in terms of infant mortality.

Recall that after receiving a bill from the hospital, the main thing is not to panic, otherwise you can again fall into the hospital, already with a nervous breakdown. If a reasonable approach to the solution of the issue, then the bill that was sent to you after the treatment, you can try to reduce. ForumDaily I learned how to do this in theory and what happens in practice.

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