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Hospitalizations and Deaths: CDC Share Alarming Sanitizer Poisoning Statistics

Fifteen American adults ended up in hospital after ingesting a hand sanitizer containing methanol. 15 people have died. More than 4 products have been marked by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for methanol contamination. CNBC.

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Methanol, or wood alcohol, is a toxic chemical that can cause serious harm, including death, if ingested.

The FDA first warned of hand sanitizers that could be contaminated with methanol back in June, citing 9 dangerous products from Mexico in the US market. Since then, the list has expanded to more than 100 items... The CDC recommends hand sanitizers that contain ethanol or isopropanol, which are alcohols but not methanol. Any hand sanitizer should not be taken internally.

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The CDC report included 15 cases of methanol poisoning in New Mexico and Arizona that occurred in May and June. The average age is 43 years, 13 cases are men. A few cases have also been found among American Indians/Alaska Natives, although the report does not provide an exact number. All 15 people were hospitalized, 4 died. Three others developed vision problems, a known side effect of methanol poisoning.

In all cases detailed in the report, blood tests were performed to confirm the presence of methanol. In addition, all people reported taking hand sanitizer by mouth.

In one of the cases described in the CDC report, a 44-year-old man sought help after developing vision problems. He said he had drunk an unknown amount of hand sanitizer in recent days. He developed seizures and was hospitalized. He was later discharged with "almost complete loss of vision," the report said.

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Other people have sought help for vision or gastrointestinal problems. Some passed out. One person sought help due to media reports of hand sanitizers contaminated with methanol.

The report notes that cases of methanol poisoning that occur when the chemical is applied to the skin are rare but can occur. Anyone who suspects that they have come into contact with such a hand care product is advised to seek immediate medical attention if they develop any unusual symptoms.

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