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Americans chipped in a new restaurant veteran after the fire

The funds were sent not only to other veterans, but also simply not indifferent people.

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A veteran from the USA was donated 28,5 thousands of dollars to open a new restaurant, after his barbecue van burned, writes TJournal.

The fire occurred in July 2018, the van burned to the ground and could not be recovered. Its owner Jason Lorraine only managed to pull out money and documents from there. Together with the van, the grill and other barbecue equipment were burned.

This is a family business - our family was engaged in it and worked on it.

Jason lorraine
owner of a burned van

Jason Lorraine spent 20 years in the army, he served in Iraq and Afghanistan and resigned in 2016. One of his daughter went to the air force, the second - to the army, both undergo basic training.

After the fire, Lorraine’s friend Ken Cary, the owner of a restaurant selling baked potatoes, opened a fundraiser for GoFundMe. He set the goal of 25 thousand dollars. It was assumed that the money will help cover the costs that insurance does not compensate for 5 thousand dollars.

Publication of the campaign spread in social networks more than 400 times, writes USA Today. For the month, 406 people donated 28,599 dollars. Many of the donors donated Lorraine, but some of them turned out to be veterans too.

Thank you for serving our country. And your wife, too, because I know: when one family member serves, the whole family serves. I will find you if I am in your city and try your barbecue.

One of the donated money

In addition to veterans, Lorraine was helped by the Snowman fans - the man’s restaurant was located at the Oregon fan gathering place. One of them donated 100 dollars and encouraged the rest to follow his example.

BBQ lovers also did not stand aside. Coal producer Kingsford Charcoal donated thousands of dollars to 2, local owners of other vans sent 500 dollars. Most of all sent the writer Weldon Long - 5 thousand dollars. Small donations of about five dollars came from different parts of the country, Lorraine noted.

We thought we would get a hundred dollars because we were nobody, just a small barbecue business. But [the campaign] fired sharply. This is very touching, we are very grateful for the support.

Jason lorraine

The new restaurant Lorraine is built of brick, it has avtovydacha. It opened on September 15.

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