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Americans are leaving en masse from some states: where are they fleeing and why

The pandemic has caused unrest in American life, with many families choosing to relocate in search of more space or a lower cost of living. This trend continued into 2022 as hundreds of thousands of people left their homes and moved to new states. CBS.

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But some regions are benefiting from an influx of new residents, a trend that could help those regions develop their economies and broaden their tax base. While others see a net loss of residents. About 25 US states gained new residents last year, while about 25 states lost residents or remained relatively unchanged, according to an analysis of census data by the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

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According to Nadia Evangelou, senior economist and director of real estate research at NAR, states where people move have a few things in common. First, in many states, labor markets grew faster than average during the pandemic. And secondly, these are also states where housing is more affordable than in parts of the country that have lost residents.

The states that attracted the most new residents in 2022 are Florida, Texas, North Carolina and South Carolina, Tennessee, Arizona, Georgia followed by other states to the south and west.

“Everyone knows about the low taxes and great weather in these areas, but something else that makes these areas popular is the active recovery of the labor market after the pandemic,” Evangelou said. “Their economy has not only been able to recover all the lost jobs, but now there are 5% more jobs than there were in 2020.”

Southern and western states attracted more residents last year for a different reason, according to the Tax Foundation: low taxes. Some high-tax states, such as California and New York, have lost residents in 2022.

NAR analysis showed that Florida had the largest net gain last year, with about 319 people migrating to the state. California lost the most residents: 000 people left the state for other regions.

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“This population migration paints a clear picture: people were leaving high-tax, high-cost states for lower-tax, lower-cost alternatives,” political analyst Janelle Fritts wrote in a blog post earlier this month.

However, taxes may only play a small role in a family's decision to move. More affordable housing and more jobs could be more attractive, according to a new analysis of migration patterns in New York by the Fiscal Policy Institute. Nearly 300 people left New York State last year.

A new analysis has found that people who move out of New York State typically save 15 times more in lower housing costs than they do in tax savings.

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“People who have moved out of New York State have found areas where housing costs are much lower,” the analysis notes. – The average annual cost of a mortgage loan for homes with an average price is $18 lower in regions where migration occurred. That's 300% less than counties in New York State."

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