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Americans will eat artificially grown chicken: test-tube meat approved in the USA for the first time

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of farmed chicken. Read more about this publication with the BBC.

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The product was manufactured in steel tanks by Upside Foods using cells taken from live animals.

Such meat can be sold to consumers after being reviewed by the USDA.

The FDA said it used data and information provided by the company to make the decision and "there are no questions at this time."

“We launched Upside in a world full of skeptics, and today we made history once again as the first company to receive a No Questions Letter from the FDA regarding meat production,” said Uma Valeti, founder and CEO of the firm.

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Upside Foods will have to overcome a number of hurdles before it can sell its products. For example, the establishment where a product is made must obtain official approval, but Valete called the news "a watershed in food history."

Appetite for innovation

Several food startups have already tried to develop similar products that can lead to significant reductions in carbon emissions and water savings. They will help free up space for nature.

Scientists say that the production of such foods compared to a typical European diet will reduce the pressure on the planet by more than 80%.

It is expected that such meat products will occupy a large part of the total meat market in the future.

Startup Eat Just, a rival of Upside Foods, is the first to receive approval to produce artificial "clean meat" in Singapore in 2020. He makes nuggets from animal muscle cells in the lab.

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The two biggest companies in the sector are Israel's Future Meat Technologies and Impossible Foods, whose plant-based Impossible Burger was launched in 2016 and has become quite popular.

As a result, the company entered into a partnership with Burger King, and now Impossible Whoppers is on the menu of most of its locations in the United States.

Ernst van Orsow, chief executive of Scottish food technology company Roslin Technologies, called the permit for Upside Foods a "major milestone" for the industry.

“It's great to see the world's leading regulator come to the conclusion that this kind of meat is safe to consume,” he said. “The FDA is taking a science-based and practical approach to regulating this new food. It can serve as a great example for other jurisdictions.”

In his opinion, the move "will push further investment and innovation" in the food industry made in this way.

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In the U.S. meat laboratory artificially
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