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The American is accused of trying to kill the Ukrainian minister: the versions of the prosecutor's office and lawyers are very different

American Kurt Grossans hired a collector to beat the debt from Ukrainian minister Roman Leshchenko, and then decided to kill both - this is the version of the police. The defense has a different version. Babel.

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On November 18, Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky and the head of the National Police Igor Klimenko announced that an attempt was being made on the Minister of Agrarian Policy Roman Leshchenko.

In 2018, Leshchenko worked for about six months as a director of the agricultural company Grossans.

In 2020, its owner, US citizen Kurt Grossans, publicly stated that Leshchenko had stolen $ 1 million from him.

To get him to pay back the debt, Grossance hired a collector for $ 150.

He took the money and disappeared.

After that, the businessman, through his assistant Elena Bogach, ordered the murder of the fugitive collector.

The "killer" turned out to be a man who worked with the police - there they learned about the plans of the American businessman in advance.

“Killer” simulated the kidnapping and murder of the collector.

After that, Grossans and Bogach ordered the murder of Minister Leshchenko to the same killer.

The three of them discussed all the details of the crime on November 17, 2021 in a restaurant, and the “killer” received a $ 20 deposit.

After that, Grossans was supposed to leave the country, but on November 18 he was detained by law enforcement officers.

The businessman and his assistant were sent into custody for two months - they are suspected on four counts.

Acquaintance and courts

Grossans's lawyer Taras Bespaly says that Grossans came to Ukraine in 2017 to engage in agribusiness and make money.

He invested several million dollars, bought a harvester and started growing something.

Ukrainian Olena Bogach worked as his assistant and translator.

“In 2018, Roman Leshchenko, whom no one knew about then, got a job with Kurt as the director of Grossans LLC. Just a few days later, he began to withdraw money from the company, ”says the lawyer.

Bespaly showed three contracts between Grossans and Progress. ...

They were signed on March 22, August 6 and September 6, 2020.

According to the documents, the latter received 6,6 million hryvnia of returnable financial aid from Grossans.

Bespaly says that Progress promised to return this money within a year from the date of the contracts.

But she returned only part of the amount - 3,3 million hryvnia.

Leshchenko signed the agreements on behalf of Grossans.

The lawyer says that Leshchenko was the founder of the Progress company from 2016 to summer 2020, and that his wife Alla Leshchenko subsequently replaced him.

To get his company back money, Grossans went to court.

The total amount of the claim, including damage, was about UAH 27 million.

According to Leshchenko, everything was different.

He and Grossans agreed in advance to use Progress in business - to pay salaries through it, buy fuel.

The farmer was notified of every transaction on Progress accounts.

Bespalyy does not comment on the minister's version - he has not yet discussed this issue with the client.

After the dismissal of Leshchenko

Leshchenko worked at Grossance for only six months - until September 2018.

Kurt went to court several times with claims against Progress and lost - the money back period did not expire at that time.

In the civil court he was denied, because the court made a request at the place of registration of Leshchenko, and there they replied that such a citizen was not registered at this address. On this basis, the court refused to consider the case.

After that, in order to recover the money, Grossans turned to an American court.

Search for helpers

“Apart from the courts, Kurt decided to act on his own,” says the lawyer.

He asked his assistant Elena Bogach to find a person who would collect information about Leshchenko.

She was required to strengthen the negotiating position and convince him to return the money.

“There was no question of murder - Kurt understood that it was illegal,” explains Grossans’s lawyer Taras Bespaly.

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“Elena found Dmitry Kovalenko. According to Kurt, she came and said that there was such a person, but he asked for $ 150 thousand for his services. The money was needed to find information and pay those who would help him. To pay off, Kurt even had to take out a loan. Negotiations with Kovalenko were conducted by Bogach, she gave him money from Kurt. Having received the entire amount, Kovalenko left for another city, changed his phone and disappeared. He never collected any information, ”says Bespaly.

“The police believe that Kovalenko played a different role in this story. They call him a “collector” and say that he should have knocked out a debt from Leshchenko, ”he adds.

When Kovalenko disappeared, Kurt told Elena that something needed to be done about this situation.

Elena contacted Vladimir Chernenko.

This is probably not his real name. In the operational video, he speaks with a Caucasian accent.
He said that he could find the debtor and ask him any questions.

During the interrogation, he told how Elena got to Chernenko.

Bespaly further refers to his materials: “Vladimir said in his testimony that he met a woman named Elena at the Atlant Gym sports club. Elena briefly told him a story about Leshchenko, who embezzled about a million dollars, and about Dmitry Kovalenko, who took $ 150 to "resolve the issue", but did not complete the work and disappeared. "

Then Chernenko says this (Bespaly reads out a document based on the case file): “After that, in August 21, I don’t remember the exact date, Elena, at the direction of Kurt, in a general conversation, offered me to organize the murder of Kovalenko for a fee. The reality of her intentions confirmed and convinced that she and Kurt were solvent. A few days later, she once again confirmed Kurt's intention to kill Kovalenko. And if I confirm the possibility of fulfilling such orders, I will be allowed to carry out the murder of Leshchenko ... Also during the conversation, Elena said that Leshchenko held a high position, and therefore they would be ready to pay a large sum for the murder. As payment Elena promised $ 20 thousand for the murder of Kovalenko, of which $ 10 thousand is an advance, and the remaining $ 10 thousand after the murder. "

Bespaly comments: “That is, Elena meets someone in a sports club and says that she intends to order the murder of the first person she meets. This raises a lot of questions. "

Crime provocation

“I want to prove that it was the real provocation of the crime. In the materials of the NSRD, we see that Chernenko repeatedly provoked Elena and Kurt to violence. For example, he suggested, “if you want, we will cut off his (Kovalenko’s) fingers or hands,” and so on. They replied that they were not interested in it, they needed money. When Chernenko discovered Dmitry Kovalenko, Elena informed Kurt about it. They left to talk to him, ”says the lawyer.

The police have a video showing Chernenko, Grossans, Bogach, several masked men in the same room, and Kovalenko lying on the floor with his hands tied.

Chernenko asks Grossans if he has anything to say. The latter speaks English to Kovalenko “Goodbye and good luck” and leaves. This video is cut short.

“Kurt did not expect to see Kovalenko tied up and was shocked. He asked him about money. He replied that there was no money - he spent it. After that, Kurt told him: “Good bye and good luck”. There were no requests to kill him, ”says the lawyer.

After that, Grossans was sent a photo of Kovalenko's “corpse” on his phone.

“When Kurt was sent the photo, he didn't comment on it. In the materials of the NSRD that we have, we could not see the reaction and do not even know if those photos and videos were shown to Grossans and Bogach. But Kurt realized that he was framed, ”says Bespaly.

The lawyer claims that cooperation with Chernenko was continued by Grossans' assistant, not he.

“Kurt said he needed information about Leshchenko. He did not speak about Leshchenko's threats, ”says Bespaly.

The lawyer explains that he did not see information in the case materials about the second part of the sum for the murder of Kovalenko.

After the death of Kovalenko, Grossans, Bogach and Chernenko began to discuss Leshchenko.

According to Bespaly, the killer Chernenko had to carry out the work that was first entrusted to Kovalenko - to collect information about Leshchenko.

The lawyer says that Chernenko continued his provocations, that he told Elena and Kurt that he was working with serious people and could do whatever he wanted, he said that he was not just returning money, but that he could do the work “in a complex”.

“He explained this by the fact that Leshchenko is a minister, and if money is knocked out of him, he will identify everyone and then he will“ catch up ”. What Elena translated from this to Kurt, we do not see yet, ”says Bespaly.

All NSRD materials clearly describe what Chernenko and Elena say.

And where Grossans is, it says “speaks English”.

“To understand more deeply, you need to get all the materials with the original recordings, then it will be possible to analyze in more detail. We will file such a motion on appeal, ”says the lawyer.

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“If we return to Monastyrsky’s briefing, there is a video: Grossans, Bogach and Chernenko are sitting in a restaurant, and Chernenko asks Grosans:“ Do you want me (Leshchenko) to kill him? ” Kurt replies: "It's important for me to get the money back, if anything happens to him, I don't care." This can hardly be interpreted as ordering the murder of a person, ”says Bespaly.

The lawyer says that Grossans decided to leave the country because Chernenko told him directly that at the moment when he would take the money, it would be better for Kurt to leave Ukraine.

“Let's think logically. Leshchenko, according to Kurt, owes him about a million dollars. If Kurt ordered the murder of Leshchenko, who would return the money? In addition, Kurt has already filed a lawsuit in the States and is about to be considered. The likelihood that he wins in the States is very high. Why would he kill Leshchenko if there are legal ways to get the money back? This criminal case may interfere with the American court, ”said the lawyer.

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