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America is a country of narrow specialists: how an immigrant can get a medical profession in the USA in a few months

In America, it is very prestigious to work in medicine and practice law. Specialists in these industries earn good money and do not have to worry about the future - there has been a shortage of personnel in these areas for several years now, and technologies that threaten many professions cannot replace doctors and lawyers due to the specifics of their work and the uniqueness of almost every case. A huge plus in the American labor market is that you can enter medicine very quickly, thanks to the availability of professions with a narrow specialization.

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At school Concord rusam, accredited by the New York State Education Department, explained that in America, medical professions with a narrow specialization can be obtained in just a few months, even for those who have never worked in medicine before.

Medical programs from Concord Rusam for those who have not been involved in medicine before

Blood sampling specialist (Phlebotomy technician)

It takes just a few weeks to become a blood donor in the United States. Theoretical lessons are held in a lecture class, and in an equipped laboratory, students acquire practical skills: they master the technique of blood collection, storage and transportation of samples, and study the labeling of test tubes. Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a school certificate, as well as pass the national exam. The received national certificate gives the right to work in any state.

With this course, in just a couple of months you will become the owners of a medical specialty and be able to earn from $ 34 thousand per year.

Electrocardiogram Specialist (Electrocardiography Technician)

In this course, students are taught how to work with machines for taking an electrocardiogram (ECG), the technique of taking an ECG, the ability to read test results, and see heart pathologies. Course duration - total 52 hours of classroom and clinical training.

Upon completion of this course, Concord Rusam graduates receive a certificate Electrocardiography Technician and can start to work and receive about $ 40 thousand per year.

Receptionist (Clinical Medical Assistant)

This program takes six months and includes courses Electrocardiography Technician и Phlebotomy technicianas well as practice in medical offices. Clinical Medical Assistant requires knowledge of anatomy and medical terminology. School Concord rusam teaches all this, as well as the basics of diagnostics and analysis.

Since the teaching at the school fully complies with American standards, and the programs are approved by the Department of Education, graduates of Concord Rusam can work in the medical field immediately after passing the national exam in any state of America. Testing takes place right at the school premises, which gives the right to work in any state

Certified Nurse Assistant (Certified Nurse Aide)

The Nurse Assistant works under the guidance of certified nurse (RN) and must know the anatomy and physiology of all body systems and be able to perform tasks such as:

  • caring for patients with the prevention of complications that threaten the patient's life;
  • compliance with the rules of general patient care for various pathologies;
  • monitoring of infection safety, etc.

Course Certified Nurse Aide at school Concord rusam lasts 125 hours, including 30 hours of clinical practice at the hospital.

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Patient Care Specialist (Patient Care Technician)

This extensive course includes programs Phlebotomy technician, Electrocardiography Technician и Certified Nurse Aide... Upon completion of these three programs, students receive a separate certificate in each specialty and a General Patient Care Specialist (PCT) certificate, greatly expanding their employability. With such a wide range of knowledge provided, the course lasts just a few months.

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist (Medical Billing and Coding)

This profession is in great demand in the United States, since the provision of almost any medical service involves a relationship with insurance companies. It is the Medical Billing and Coding specialist (or biller) that connects the patient, the insurance company and any institution that provides medical services.

Biller course in Concord rusam lasts 4 months. During this time, students master the types of insurance, special coding of various medical services and the maintenance of professional medical records, as well as practice directly in the Medical Billing and Coding office.

Pharmacist Assistant (Pharmacy Technician)

Sex Pharmacy Technician in the USA at school Concord rusam possible in 96 hours. Classes are conducted by highly professional teachers with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical field. The program introduces students to medicines, drug dosing rules, inventory management, account management, medical prescriptions, and New York State pharmaceutical laws. The exam for the certificate of assistant pharmacist takes place right at the school premises.

Home Care Specialist (Home Health Aids)

HHA course at Concord Rusam lasts 84 hours including 8 hours of clinical practice in the hospital... Students gain the skills to help people of all ages who need home care (the elderly, the disabled, patients after hospitalization and people with chronic diseases). Homecare professionals in the United States earn from 30 thousand dollars a year.

All these professions provided by the school Concord rusam in the United States, available to those who had no previous connection with medicine. If you already have a medical education outside the United States, then in a few months you can prepare and pass nurse license test (Registered Nurse) in the US.

Concord rusam helps holders of nursing degrees from other countries adapt their knowledge to American requirements in order to obtain a nurse license in the United States. In addition to the theoretical course, the school has created a course for practicing the practical skills necessary for working as a nurse in America. You can prepare for obtaining a nurse license from almost any state of the United States, since Concord Rusam, in addition to training in an office in New York, offers online courses on NCLEX-RN.

The NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensing Exam) is the nationwide nursing licensing exam in the United States. This license entitles you to work as a nurse throughout the United States.

School Concord rusam In just a few months, she will make you a medical specialist with a narrow profile and help you write a resume, prepare for an interview and find a job. School graduates working in hospitals and offices inform the school about the vacancies and recommend those who have successfully completed their studies at Concord Rusam. In addition, many medical offices have already appreciated the high level of training and knowledge of Concord Rusam graduates, and if a vacancy is opened, they immediately apply to this school.

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