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An American tourist was found dead in Greece: this is not the first case of missing vacationers at this resort

A missing American tourist has been found dead on the beach of a small Greek island west of Corfu, the agency said. Associated Press with reference to local media.

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The man's body was discovered by one of the tourists on Sunday, June 16, on a rocky, rather remote beach on the island of Matraki. The deceased was put on the wanted list on June 13; he was last seen in a cafe in the company of two women who have now left the island.

Additional information about the victim, including name or hometown, was not immediately available.

Matraki, with a population of 100 people, is a densely forested island with an area of ​​3,9 square kilometers. It is located west of the more famous island of Corfu.

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The case is one of a string of recent incidents in which tourists have died or gone missing on the Greek islands. As a rule, they went hiking in very hot weather.

Thus, a 74-year-old Dutch tourist, who had been missing since June 9, was found on June 15 with the help of a fire service drone, lying face down in a ravine about 300 meters from the place where he was last seen.

Dr. Michael Mosley, a famous British television presenter, was found dead on June 9 on the island of Symi. The coroner concluded that the hiker died on June 5, shortly after going on a cliff hike.

On Friday, June 14, two French tourists, aged 64 and 73, were reported missing on Sikinos, a relatively secluded island in the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea with a population of less than 400 people.

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On the island of Amorgos, also part of the Cyclades archipelago, authorities are still searching for a 59-year-old tourist who went missing on June 4 while going on a solo hike in hot weather. US media reported that the missing tourist is retired Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Albert Calivet from Hermosa Beach, California.

Deputy Mayor for Tourism Popi Despotidi told CNN on Wednesday, June 12, that Kalivet has visited Amorgos almost every year for the past ten years.

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