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American Cruise Lines launches the longest river cruise in the US: you can see 20 states in 2 months

American Cruise Lines has announced the longest river cruise in the United States, a 61-night cruise spanning 20 states and four of the country's most famous rivers. It will begin in August 2024, reports Travel Leisure.

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New cruise named The Great United States will depart Portland, Oregon in August 2024 and cross the country from west to east. Along the way, guests will see national parks, Civil War sites, countryside, bustling cities, and countless unexpected pleasures.

The two-month journey follows the Columbia and Snake Rivers, exploring the American West, the Mississippi River from New Orleans to St. Paul, Minnesota, and the New England coast. Along the way, guests will also see Idaho, Montana and Wyoming by land and make several connecting flights between ports. The journey ends in New York as you sail past the Statue of Liberty.

“The Great United States Cruise is a fantastic showcase of our country and the diversity of American cruise lines,” said Charles B. Robertson, the line's president and CEO. “A river cruise of this magnitude has never been done before in the United States, and only American Cruise Lines can deliver it successfully.”

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The incredible journey will feature three of the brand's 18 ships: American Independence, American Jazz and American Symphony. Operating in the Pacific Northwest, the Jazz has a total of 99 staterooms, all with balconies. For part of the Mississippi trip, guests will board the 180-passenger American Symphony. The 51-cabin American Independence will take guests from Maine through New England before sailing down the Hudson River to New York in October.

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“We are the only cruise line that operates a 100% American-built and registered fleet of ships, and we are the only line that operates in every geographic region included on this itinerary,” Robertson says. “The new cruise is a fantastic exploration of America, and that’s only possible with the fleet we’ve built.”

The cost of a two-month adventure starts at $51 per person. This price includes meals, drinks, activities and entertainment, as well as Wi-Fi, connecting flights, hotel accommodation along the way, tax fees at ports.

While this is the longest trip American Cruise Lines has ever coordinated, one line source says it could be the first of many to come. “These long cruises are very popular,” the source says. “We have plans to add more.”

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