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Americans restored direct flights to Cuba

American airline American Airlines in December, will begin to carry out charter flights from Los Angeles to Havana. This was reported 18 August newspaper Los Angeles Times.

Thus, American Airlines will become the first carrier, whose direct flights will connect the Cuban capital with the US west coast after the restoration of diplomatic relations between Washington and Havana. Flights will be operated on Saturdays by Boeing 737 aircraft. The partner of the airline will be the American tour operator Cuba Travel Services.

American Airlines also plans to organize new direct flights to Cuba from Miami and Tampa (Florida), and the destination will be not only the capital of the island nation, but cities such as Camaguey, Cienfuegos, Holguin and Santa Clara.

Earlier, the Wall Street Journal reported that the US and Cuban authorities are working on a bilateral agreement that would allow direct regular commercial flights between states to be resumed before the end of this year. At present, only charter flights are carried out between the United States and Cuba.

In December 2014, Obama acknowledged that the previous Havana policy was not working, and announced the beginning of the movement to normalize bilateral relations and easing sanctions against Cuba. After lengthy negotiations, the countries “exchanged” embassies in Washington and Havana on July 20. As part of a warming in bilateral ties, the US excluded Cuba from of the list of sponsors of terrorism, which annually prepares the White House, and relaxed some restrictions in bilateral trade.

14 August 2015, Secretary of State John Kerry arrives in Cuba and raised american flag over the US Embassy for the first time in 54 of the year.

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