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American Airlines is building a luxury hotel where you can’t book a room: who will be accommodated there and under what conditions

American Airlines is building a 600-room hotel. It will open its doors in Fort Worth, Texas early next year but will be closed for bookings. Why you need a hotel where you can’t book a room, the publication said The points guy.

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The hotel is owned by American Airlines and is located on the company's massive headquarters campus, named after the airline's legendary former CEO, Robert Crandall.

The company is building a facility known as Skyview 6 to accommodate employees who visit the campus and are there for meetings or training. Pilots and flight attendants must receive regular training to maintain their proficiency.

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In addition to the 600 rooms, there is a lounge area on all floors of the Skyview 6 hotel, which the airline intends to use for study.

The facility also provides new food options: in the dining room you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, a space called "Tavern for Games, Light Snacks and Drinks" begins to function in the evening.

Skyview 6 includes a 73-square-foot (000 m) fitness center2) with swimming pool. Outdoor basketball, tennis, pickleball and volleyball courts are also being built.

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These new facilities will be open to all employees, not just hotel guests.

In addition, Skyview 6 features a 10-square-foot (000 m) banquet hall.2) for large gatherings, including the State of the Airline, which brings together the entire management of the company, headed by CEO Robert Isom.

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