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Amazon began to mark for buyers products that are frequently returned

Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce platforms right now, has begun flagging "frequently returned" items, alerting its customers before they checkout, reports tech time.

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The new feature aims to give Amazon shoppers guidance on what items users typically return. This should also prevent customers from ending up returning a product.

Online shopping has exploded in popularity since the outbreak of the COVID-2020 pandemic in 19. And since then, more people have been buying their products — from tech gadgets to simple accessories — through e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Best Buy.

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However, buying things online has some limitations, most notably preventing shoppers from inspecting products in person before purchasing them. At the same time, these online stores provide extensive information about their products, including reviews from previous buyers. But it seems that this is not enough. Some items are still returned by customers over and over again.

According to The Verge, Amazon currently allows customers to return new and unused items purchased online within 30 days of purchase. In most cases, this is done free of charge.

Meanwhile, Engadget notes in its report that profits from e-commerce platforms have grown significantly during the pandemic. And so far, in post-pandemic days, those numbers have yet to drop to pre-COVID numbers.

With that in mind, Amazon has begun testing out a new icon for its products. It now flags products that have a high return rate.

The company is now providing a warning about whether a product is a "frequently returned item".

In addition, the notice tells customers to "check the product information and customer reviews to learn more about this item."

Under the notice, the online store gives users the option to "Report incorrect product information". This should help the platform correct any cheating or simple mistake.

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Why does Amazon flag frequently returned items?

The giant retailer explained why it decided to create a new labeling system that lets shoppers know if users have already returned a product a couple of times. The platform says that its users can now see information about the return percentage of some of the products listed on the platform.

Amazon spokeswoman Betsy Harden confirmed that they are "currently showing return percentage information on some product detail pages."

An Amazon spokeswoman also explained why they started doing this. Harden notes that the company is committed to "helping our customers make better buying decisions."

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While the new feature could hurt sales of some products, the transparency could potentially help Amazon shoppers avoid items with high return rates.

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