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Tropical Storm Alberto hits Mexico and causes flooding in Texas

A large-scale storm brought heavy rain and caused coastal flooding in parts of southern Texas and eastern Mexico, killing at least three people, reports AccuWeather.

The effects of Hurricane Delta on the coastline of Grand Cayman as the Cat 4 hurricane passes to the south.

Photo: McArthur

Alberto, first named system during the Atlantic hurricane season 2024, made landfall on the morning of June 19 near Tampico, Mexico, as a tropical storm with maximum sustained winds of about 72 km per hour.

Storm moves deeper into Mexico

It will cause heavy rains, flash floods and landslides in northeastern Mexico. Flooding from heavy rain and storm surge in Texas will ease on June 21.

Despite the downgrade, Alberto will still pose a major threat due to excessive rainfall.

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“Abnormally warm water and a pocket of relatively low wind shear located in the Bay of Campeche allowed Alberto to gain enough structure to achieve tropical storm status on June 19,” explained AccuWeather meteorologist and lead hurricane forecaster Alex DaSilva.

On average, the first tropical storm will form in the Atlantic Ocean by June 20. Since Alberto strengthened into a tropical storm on June 19, this season is moving right on schedule. However, other systems that are monitored in the short term can quickly develop into named storms within a few days.

Heavy coastal rainfall and flooding are expected to ease in Texas but continue in Mexico. The heaviest rainfall has already moved far into Mexico, while localized thunderstorm activity lingered off the coast and into South Texas.


Mexican officials said three people were killed in the northern state of Nuevo Leon.

One man drowned in the La Silla River in Monterrey, the state capital. Two minors died from electrocution in the municipality of Allende.

Local media reported that the minors were riding bicycles in the rain.

The governor of the state of Nuevo Leon announced a temporary suspension of public transport. Schools have been closed in neighboring Tamaulipas, reports with the BBC.

Already in effect at the Texas border ad about a natural disaster. A statement released by Gov. Greg Abbott means there could be "injuries, loss of life, and widespread and severe property damage."

Heavy showers

While the bulk of the rain has already fallen across much of southeast Texas, rainfall totals could reach 3-5 cm in the Big Bend region of Texas and especially in the higher elevations of northern Mexico.

Tropical wind gusts along the coastline in northeastern Mexico are forecast to reach 65-96 km/h. The winds will create rough and dangerous surf along the coast.

Boaters are advised to secure their vessels and avoid hazardous conditions.

Forecasters warn that in parts of Mexico and Texas, landslides are possible across mountainous terrain.

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Storm surge along the coasts of northeastern Mexico, Texas and western Louisiana has already peaked at 30 to 90 cm. Places around Houston and Galveston, Texas, are facing higher storm surges. They reach 90-180 cm in some low-lying areas. Storm surge and above-normal tides will gradually ease on June 21 as Alberto's center moves inland and gradually subsides.

Residents are urged to heed any warnings from emergency officials. Storm surges can cause significant damage and pose one of the greatest threats to life.

Second tropical system in the southwestern Persian Gulf

Another tropical system could move through the Gulf of Campeche and Gulf of Mexico this weekend. This is likely in northeastern Mexico and the coast of South Texas.

Depending on the intensity and direction of this new system, rain, wind, coastal flooding and surf will likely occur again along much of the Texas and northeastern Mexico coasts.

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