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Current vacancies of the week in the USA with salaries starting from $21 per hour

In our weekly publication, we have collected the latest and most relevant jobs for immigrants in the United States.

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Truck Drivers
City: Different cities
Company: Energy trucking

1. Team Company Drivers: $4000 per week + $0,80 per mile if you have driven over 5000 miles
• bonuses, new comfortable trucks with all equipment;
• work with Amazon, UPS, Fedex;
• support 24/7 of all departments;
• selection of a partner, if he is not.
2. Owner Operators-Gross: $9000 to $15 per week + bonuses for careful driving and rewards for excellent work
• 12% - dispatch fee;
• a strong team of professional dispatchers;
• work with Amazon, UPS, Fedex;
• 24/7 support for all departments.
3. There is a Lease Owner Operator program
The company provides quality service, as well as an individual approach to each driver + Reference Bonus.

For all questions, call: +1 740 240 2204, ext. 706
Or fill out the quick formand experts will contact you as soon as possible
More information - by link.


Financial coach

City: New York

Company: International Rescue Committee


  • provide financial coaching and consultation to clients in a 1:1 format, including creating a personal budget, opening a bank account, obtaining loans and creating a credit rating;
  • assess client needs and develop individual financial action plans with each client;
  • increase the level of knowledge of participants about financial services and credit offers;
  • Coordinate external outreach with banks and other community members to assist clients in achieving financial navigation and coaching goals.


  • Experience in financial education, consulting and coaching;
  • high level of familiarity with the US credit and banking systems and experience in personal budgeting, banking and credit counseling;
  • proficiency in English orally and in writing; Fluency in Russian is desirable.

Salary: $27 to $27,86 per hour

More information - by link.


ForumDaily is looking for an advertising manager (remote work)

You are our person if:

  • live in the United States (preferably New York, Florida or California);
  • speak English at an intermediate level;
  • are responsible;
  • sociable;
  • know how to convince;
  • you have experience in advertising sales in the American market;
  • Experience in digital media sales is preferred, but not required.


  • cold calls;
  • building long-term relationships with customers;
  • full transaction support.

Our advantages are:

  • close-knit and friendly team;
  • flexible working schedule;
  • decent pay.

If you are ready to join our team, please send your resume to:



Pharmaceutical technician

City: Los Angeles

Company: Saban Community Clinic


  • work with Kaiser clinical pharmacist: translation, follow-up calls, checking/changing EPIC prescriptions, insulin (bottle/pen) and meter training;
  • ensure accurate operation of the Erteby system, including the inventory module;
  • purchase and manage inventory;
  • prepare and code invoices;
  • manage medication orders, including receiving, recording, labeling and warehousing;
  • answer incoming calls, enter patient requests into the EHR system.


  • pharmaceutical technician license;
  • fluency in English and Russian;
  • knowledge of medical terminology;
  • proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

Salary: $21,57 to $25,69 per hour

More information - by link.


Cable technician

City: Different cities

Company: city ​​cable


  • install cable systems for data and voice transmission, home routers, set-top boxes, home phones;
  • troubleshoot any cabling problems.


  • driver's license (USA);
  • social Security number;
  • knowledge of English;
  • availability of tools;
  • No experience required (training provided).

Salary: $ 1400 - $ 2000 per week

More information - by link.



City: Miami

Company: Local CPA CO


  • prepare and maintain financial records and reports for various clients;
  • preparing payroll and sales tax returns;
  • reconcile bank accounts;
  • process payroll and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations;
  • prepare books and client reports;
  • use accounting software.


  • Bachelor's degree in accounting or related field;
  • Proven experience as an accountant with a full range of responsibilities;
  • ability to use accounting software;
  • familiarity with payroll and bank reconciliation procedures;
  • knowledge of the Russian language will be an advantage.

Salary: from $ 40 to $ 000 per year

More information - by link.

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Truck driver and operator in office

City: Different cities

Company: Real


  • carry out flights and delivery of cargo both locally and over long distances (trips to Canada are possible);
  • maintain communication between the dispatch center and the driver;
  • follow the company's policy and the rules for the carriage of goods;
  • Provide XNUMX/XNUMX driver support.


  • driver's license;
  • work experience in similar positions is not required, but is encouraged;
  • knowledge of foreign languages ​​will be an advantage.

More information - by link.


Ukrainian language teacher

City: San Francisco

Company: Language Trainers


  • teach individual Ukrainian language;
  • conduct classes in the teacher's apartment in San Francisco (94110);
  • organize a 20-hour training course (10 lessons of 2 hours each);
  • conduct classes twice a week (on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays in the afternoon or evening);
  • focus the course on listening and speaking.


  • be a native speaker or have a teaching diploma;
  • have experience as a language teacher, translator or interpreter;
  • have a valid work visa;
  • reside within 20 miles (32 km) of the client's location.

Salary: based on interview results

More information - by link.

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