Aeroflot can no longer show films on its flights: passengers are offered a 'digital detox'

Telegram channel of Aeroflot said that the airline's passengers would now fly without the ability to connect to streaming systems. This means that customers will not be able to watch movies or listen to music during the flight.

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This service has become unavailable due to the “refusal of foreign suppliers” to provide it on A320 / 321 and Boeing 737 aircraft. The airline has 100 and 37 such aircraft, respectively - this is almost the entire fleet of Aeroflot.

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The airline says these restrictions are temporary.

“We are already working on a new domestic solution that we will be happy to provide you with by the New Year!” - the message says.

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In the meantime, passengers are invited to arrange a "December digital detox during the flight."

The airline advises its passengers to read a book or clean up the photos in the phone gallery. And in extreme cases, "try to meditate."

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