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The lawyer offered to kill gays and lesbians

A group of lawmakers in California filed a complaint with the state bar regarding attorney Matthew Gregory McLaughlin who offered to kill gays and lesbians.

“We are shocked and outraged by the fact that a member of the state attorneys so heartlessly calls for denying civil rights, expelling and killing members of the LGBT community,” the complaint says.

February 24 McLaughlin filed an application for a referendum in California on the adoption of a "law against sodomites." According to the bill, people found guilty of spreading “sodomite propaganda” will be fined a million dollars or imprisoned. In addition, the lawyer proposed to allow the law "to put bullets into the heads of gays and lesbians."

To hold a referendum, Maklaflin will need to collect signatures of five percent of the number who voted in the previous gubernatorial elections - that's about 366 thousands of signatures.

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