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Traffic accident lawyer in the USA: why he is necessary for all participants in the accident

In post-Soviet countries, they often make fun of the Americans and their desire to go to court and attract lawyers on all the problems that our person is trying to solve "amicably" and "without unnecessary noise." However, as explained to us in by DTP AmericaThere are indeed good reasons for this in the United States, especially after car accidents. The company advises Russian-speaking immigrants to the United States not to rely on the approaches of their home country and, in the event of an accident, immediately go to an accident lawyer - at least, save time and money.

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The amount of compensation after an accident is highly dependent on the availability of a lawyer

After road accidents in America, road users are often left alone with injuries and escalating medical bills. And insurance does not solve these problems. Insurance companies are a business that, like any other, does not intend to waste money. Thus, victims of road traffic accidents in America are most often offered low compensation, which is only a small fraction of what they can get if they turn to a lawyer.

Therefore, if you want to get what you really deserve under the law, it is better to quickly contact an accident lawyer and not sign anything with the insurance yourself, despite the recommendations of insurance agents. This is even more true for immigrants than for Americans. After all, they do not know the laws of the United States, English is not their native language, and an insurance agent who understands this will certainly try to use the situation in the interests of the insurance company.

You may not immediately realize this, but there will be several financial blows after an accident in the United States, and this is not only medical bills. First of all, an accident and injuries will affect your salary - if you are seriously injured, then skip a few working days, and this will immediately affect your salary and not increase it. Then medical bills will come (everyone has heard about the prices of medical services in the United States), and after that you may still be required to compensate for another participant in the accident.

All these costs can be covered by the insurance company if a competent lawyer for road accidents in America will conduct a dialogue with it from the very beginning. Moreover, a professional lawyer will be able to obtain compensation for your lost wages and material damage as a result of the accident.

But the time for this is limited, and if you decide first to try it yourself, and then come to a lawyer with a request to correct your mistakes, then there is a chance that he will no longer be able to do this. There are two reasons. First: if you have already signed something, then it cannot be canceled. The second is called Statute of Limitations and is worth reading in more detail.

What is Statute of Limitations after an accident

While you go to the doctors, calm down your family and come to your senses, time goes by. After an accident, a driver may simply not be up to a legal showdown with an insurance company and not to understand the intricacies of an unfamiliar process, and even in a foreign language (in the case of an immigrant). But as long as you decide to take active steps and understand everything, the time for applying for compensation may simply go away, and you will finally lose the right to receive any money.

Actually, this is the essence of Statute of Limitations - each state has a limited period for filing documents and claims for compensation after an accident in America. If you do not meet this deadline, there will be no money.

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The complaint periods vary from state to state, ranging from 1 to 6 years. For example, in California, you have two years to claim compensation for your injuries, and three years to claim compensation for property damage, in Florida, four years for both, and in New York, three. Data for all states is available link.

“If it seems to you that these are rather long periods, then you are mistaken. For treatment and other troubles after the accident, these couple of years fly by very quickly. Plus, it takes time to collect documents ”, - explained to us in DTP America.

Therefore, it is better to hire a lawyer immediately after an accident in the United States to take care of all the paperwork and bureaucratic processes while you are recovering from your experience. IN DTP America there are Russian-speaking specialists who will help Russian-speaking immigrants to solve and understand everything.

What else you need to know about compensation after an accident in America

Each state in the United States regulates crash payments in its own way. At the same time, in most regions, the amount of compensation in the event of an accident is determined according to a modified scale of recognition of guilt of the road accident participant and statements of the compensation amount:

  1. If you claim the amount of moral compensation in the event of an accident in the amount of $ 140 thousand, and your fault is 30%, then you will receive compensation in the amount of $ 98 thousand.
  2. If your fault is more than 50%, the compensation is $ 0.
  3. In some states, you can get moral damages in case of an accident if there is a different standard of insurance, or it is recognized by the state authorities in a car accident.

“In case you are involved in a car accident with injuries, it is imperative to visit a doctor within 14 days. Based on the available medical bills, a lawyer for injuries after an accident in America will help recover compensation from the insurer for future and current medical expenses, including recovery and rehabilitation of health, ”emphasize lawyers from DTP America.

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When you need a lawyer after an accident

Compensation is, of course, important, but sometimes, especially our people, do not want to get involved in litigation and negotiations with the insurance company, even through a lawyer. And this is everyone's choice.

However, there are accidents when a lawyer is needed not so much to obtain compensation as to protect personal money and even freedom.

Traffic accidents, after which a lawyer is needed:

  • Any accident that causes you or someone else to be seriously injured;
  • Any accident in which the guilty party is not clearly identified;
  • Any collision in the school area;
  • Any accident in the construction area or in the work area;
  • If you disagree with the police report;
  • Any accident involving an uninsured driver;
  • When insurance companies give confusing answers to questions about financial responsibility.
What should immigrants do in such cases

Company DTP America helps Russian-speaking immigrants in the United States to resolve issues related to the consequences of road accidents:

  1. You can contact the operator at any time and get a free consultation on car accidents.
  2. The operator will select for you a Russian-speaking lawyer who is located in the state where the accident occurred and knows the specifics of its legislation.
  3. If necessary, they will tell you how to get compensation up to $ 1000 in the first 24 hours after the accident.
  4. You can also get a hint about which medical institution you need to contact, after which, based on medical bills, you will receive compensation payments.

What exactly will a lawyer do after an accident in America:

  • Will undertake negotiations with the insurance
  • Collect and submit to the necessary authorities all the necessary documents
  • Will not miss deadlines for claims and claims for compensation
  • Achieve a higher compensation amount
  • Take care of unforeseen circumstances
  • Organizes a thorough investigation of the incident if necessary

The tasks for an accident lawyer are challenging. An ordinary American, and even more so an immigrant, will definitely not be able to do all this, given unfamiliar laws, a foreign language, as well as the shock of the accident and pressure from an insurance company that does not want to pay more. It is not in vain that Americans believe that professionals should deal with everything, and in the case of proceedings after an accident, this principle should really be followed strictly if your time and money are dear to you.

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