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Biden administration wants to release suspects before trial without bail: police don't like idea

Biden Launches 'Gender Equality' Plan Calling For Abolition Of Cash Bond, Says FoxNews.

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Calls to end the bail come at a time when FBI data show an unprecedented rise in violent crime.

President Biden's plan to advance gender equality includes a proposal to abolish bail for suspects, despite an increase in violent crime across the country.

“We also strive to strengthen federal oversight and accountability of police and prosecutors to combat systematic misconduct, including gender bias and sexual misconduct. We will work to end bail bonds and reform our pre-trial system, recognizing the harm these processes are doing, especially to black women and families, ”reads a 42-page White House report entitled“ National Strategy for Gender Equality and Equality. ”

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The report calls for a “whole of government” approach to eradicating gender inequality, with the removal of bail money as one of the steps that governments can take to combat gender and racial inequality.

But calls for an end to bail come at a time when FBI data show an unprecedented rise in violent crime, with homicide rates in the US rising nearly 30% in 2020. The FBI started tracking statistics.

The overall violent crime rate, which also includes assault, robbery and rape, rose 5% in 2020 compared to 2019.

Proponents of preserving the bail system argue that ending the practice would put the public at risk, pointing to statistics in cities that have abolished bail.

The likelihood of re-arrest pending trial increased by 37% in these locations. The suspects were also more likely to miss the date of the trial in cities where cash bail was canceled.

A letter from Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris included in the report argues that reforms are necessary to promote equality, and states that America has “never fully lived up to” the idea that “each of us is equal in dignity and deserves equal treatment ”.

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“This strategy sets out an ambitious agenda for the current administration and for the future to help our country bridge the pernicious gender gap and move us towards a world with equal opportunities for all people,” Biden and Harris said in the letter. - Ensuring that all people have the opportunity to fulfill their full potential, regardless of gender identity or other factors, is not only a moral imperative. This is a strategic imperative. ”

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