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Biden Administration Opens Border For Asylum Seekers Waiting In Mexico: In Texas This Caused A Crisis

The mayor of Del Rio, located on the Texas border, is asking US President Joe Biden to help his city, which is struggling with extreme weather conditions, the COVID-19 pandemic and an influx of illegal migrants crossing the border. The publication told about all this in more detail. Fox News.

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“I implore and ask you to stop any action regarding the release of immigrants awaiting trial in the city of Del Rio and surrounding areas,” said Bruno Lozano, Mayor of Del Rio, Texas.

The city is home to 50 residents, but due to the recent influx of illegal immigrants released by the Border Patrol (mainly due to COVID-000-related restrictions that limit the time of detention for illegal immigrants), the small town cannot cope with them.

Winter storm all over Texas led to the fact that by the middle of the week 3 million people were left without electricity.

Water resources were also under threat, 7 million people were recommended to boil water before any use, including in Del Rio.

“If you send these people to our community, we will be forced to leave them without resources in these dire circumstances,” the mayor said. "Please come up with another plan for solving this federal problem."

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He suggested that if the Biden administration did not change their plans to free illegal immigrants from border posts, they would instead provide funds to "safely accommodate them in this emergency."

Lozano, in addition to requesting additional help to meet the needs of illegal immigrants, said the city was in dire need of supplies, water and "equal distribution of energy."

The Mayor of Del Rio believes that "the release of immigrants without any COVID-19 protocols undermines" the administration's commitment to fighting coronavirus infection.

The city relied on municipal buildings not only to house citizens who were struggling with the recent cold weather and lack of resources, but also to distribute vaccines.

“I cannot mix immigrants with the residents of Del Rio, who are extremely vulnerable and have been displaced by extreme weather conditions,” he said. "We may be a small town out of your sight, but we are a community of 50 people who need your attention."

Why are illegal immigrants allowed

The Biden administration has said it will gradually allow tens of thousands of asylum seekers to enter the United States who are currently forced to wait in Mexico, the BBC writes.

Asylum seekers will first need to register and take a COVID-19 test before being allowed through one of three border crossings.

This move completely changes the policy of President Donald Trump.

The Immigrant Protection Protocols Program was adopted in 2019, which keeps potential asylum seekers from coming to the United States.

Previously, immigrants entering the southern border had to wait in Mexico while their cases were tried by the US immigration courts.

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But on his first day in office after winning the presidency, President Joe Biden suspended the rule.

“As President Biden has made clear, the US government is committed to rebuilding a safe, orderly and humane immigration system,” said Department of Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mallorcas.

The Biden administration plans to start with two border crossings, each handling up to 300 people a day, while the third will cross fewer people.

Authorities say asylum seekers will be released with notice to appear in court in cities close to their final destination, usually with their families.

At the same time, Mallorcas stressed that “persons who do not meet the criteria at this initial stage are obliged to wait for further instructions and not to travel to the border” amid fears that many people will try to cross the border illegally.

The announcement was well received at a large immigrant camp in the Mexican town of Matamoros, on the Texas border.

“To be honest, I have no words to describe how I feel right now,” said asylum seeker Sandra Andrade from El Salvador, who has waited in Mexico for over a year.

In border towns, where immigrants wait for months, crime rates are on the rise.

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