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Attack on a clinic in California: at least 14 dead


Inland Regional Center provides medical care for people with developmental disabilities. Photo: Facebook

An attack on the Inland Regional Medical Center in San Bernardino, California, providing assistance to people with developmental disabilities, killed at least 14 people. Another 17 man, according to police, was injured.

According to the latest data, the police shot and killed one of the suspects involved in the shooting, who resisted when trying to arrest him. Local journalists said that the police had blocked a dark SUV during the chase, after which a shootout began.

As the eyewitnesses reported earlier, they saw three armed men who had left the medical institution building and had driven away. Police continue to search for other suspects.

Staff and patients were evacuated from the organization building. Many of them have long been in various shelters on the premises of the institution. The building was occupied by sappers who were looking for explosive devices that the attackers might have left.

According to Inland Regional Center executive director Lavinia Johnson, the health department of the eponymous San Bernardino county held a festive party there on Wednesday. After the alarm went off in the building, people started leaving the facility, but then they were advised to stay in place until the police arrived.

In addition, a representative of the family planning fund, Planned Parenthood, said that one of their institutions was located in the same area.

In late November, one of the organization’s clinics was attacked. armed opponent of abortion... Robert Lewis Deere, 57, walked into the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Colorado Springs and opened fire on visitors and staff, as well as police officers who arrived at the scene of the shooting. At the hands of the "Colorado shooter" killed three people, including a policeman, another nine were injured.

Planned Parenthood, which received government funding, was previously at the center scandal, about which "Forum" spoke in detail. In a video posted by opponents of abortion, fund officials in an expensive restaurant discussed the sale of parts of the embryos with the "customer".

Two days before the attack on the Planned Parenthood clinic, abortion supporters appealed to US President Barack Obama to petition for recognition of such incidents. acts of "internal terrorism".

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