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9 things you can get for free on Amazon

The Amazon online store offers the opportunity to get a large number of services and goods for free.

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These items are available to anyone shopping on the online retailer’s website; you do not need to be a subscriber to Amazon Prime, writes Money Talks News.

1. EBooks

You will find free e-books for Kindle - a line of e-books from Amazon - on the Amazon website page. “Free books and reading options at low prices”. Click on any genre listed in the "Best Books" section on the left side of this page and you will get access to free offers.

2. Products that you can buy with a gift card

There is several ways to get an Amazon gift card for free. And everything you “buy” with such a free gift card is actually free for you.

3. All that you can buy for bonus points

If you have one of the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature credit cards or the Amazon Prime Store card, you can use your points to buy items on Amazon. And everything that you “buy” for these points is virtually free.

These cards are also provided free of charge, and you will receive a free Amazon gift card of up to $ 70 after approving your application for the card.

4. Music

Amazon has a lot of free digital music - if you know where to look. You may have trouble finding a Amazon site. But they can be solved in Google, just enter in the search box a phrase like “Amazon digital music free”, and you will quickly find a free page. music albums и songs on amazon.

5. Audiobooks

Amazon owns Audible, which produces and sells audio books and other audio entertainment. Audible also offers memberships that give you the right to access free and low-cost audio content.

The membership itself is not free, but a free 30-day trial is available. Just remember to cancel your Audible membership before the end of the trial period, if you decide you do not want to pay for this service.

6. Mobile applications

Section "Applications and games"The Amazon website includes many free mobile apps.

To view only the free ones, select “Free” in the “Price” menu. You can also filter applications based on other preferences using the menu on the left.

7. Delivery

Prime members can get free and fast delivery of virtually everything they buy. But buyers who do not have a subscription to this program can also get free shipping for many purchases.

On the Amazon webpage "Order with free shippingExplains:

"All orders of $ 25 or more in any product category are eligible for FREE shipping."

8. Cloud storage

Amazon Drive is a cloud storage for files.

If you are not a Prime subscriber, using Amazon Drive will cost you at least $ 11,99 per year. But Prime members get unlimited storage for photos and 5GB of video memory at no extra charge. So, if you subscribe to free 30 Prime Day trial, you can use cloud storage for free during this time.

To get a free, long-term photo repository without Prime membership, see if any of your friends or relatives using Prime use the Prime Photos Family Vault feature.

Family Storage is an online file storage for Prime members to share with five other people. And these five invitees also get unlimited photo storage for free - even if they are not members of Prime.

9. Wedding Bonuses

If you create on Amazon wedding gift registry, you will receive many privileges, including the ability to earn free bonus points.

This is how it works: if you add certain products to your inventory and your guests purchase them, you will get something for free. Visit Amazon bonus gift web pageto view the free gifts that are currently available.

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