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9 professions where you can work remotely and earn from $ 61 per year

While the COVID-19 pandemic is having a negative impact on the US economy, millions of jobs were added to the labor market in May and June 2020. Many of these new roles have been in hard-hitting industries such as leisure and hospitality. Many people are looking for work, but prefer one that can be done remotely while the pandemic remains in our lives. Fortunately, the number of remote jobs is also growing. Writes about it Grow.

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The publication has collected the top high-paying jobs that can be done remotely. You can apply for these jobs on sites like Monster, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Indeed, or LinkedIn. If the job does not indicate if it is remote, be sure to ask your potential employer during your interview.

Recruiting specialists

Recruiters recruit employees for the company. They consult with management to understand what kind of person they are looking for. They interview candidates to assess if they are suitable and end up hiring suitable candidates.

A recruiting position usually requires a bachelor's degree in human resources, business, or other related field.

Average salary: $ 61 920 per year.

Credit expert

Loan officers work for financial institutions such as banks and contact potential clients to find out if they need a loan. They evaluate the information and credit rating of the applicants to determine if they are eligible for a given loan. Their work can cover mortgages, car loans, private student loans, and other types of loans.

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Most loan officers require a bachelor's degree, and employees who approve mortgages must be licensed in their state.

Average salary: $ 63 270 per year.

Web developer

Web developers create client-side sites using programming languages ​​such as HTML and JavaScript. They create website content and maintain the resources they create, including troubleshooting.

Depending on the job, the candidate may need a bachelor's or associate's degree in web development, web design, programming, or another related field.

Average salary: $ 73 760 per year.

UX designer

User interface (UX) designers help the user get the experience with a specific product, such as a website or application. They conduct research to see what competitors are doing in the field, understand the user experience as they interact with a product, and create prototypes to test different product models.

Working in UX design often requires a bachelor's degree in computer science, web development, or graphic design.

Average salary: $ 83 920 per year.

Scientific analyst

Scientific analysts collect data about the operations of their companies. They identify problems in the workflow, develop solutions to problems using statistical modeling, and advise management on the best course of action for company productivity.

These positions usually require a bachelor's degree in operations research, statistics, mathematics, or other related fields.

Average salary: $ 84 810 per year

Financial Consultant

Financial advisors help people manage their personal finances. This includes planning short and long term goals, managing debt repayment, and helping you choose investments. Consultants can make money in a variety of ways, from receiving commissions to setting fees for their time.

Financial advisors who sell certain products or manage clients' investments may need to obtain licenses.

Average salary: $ 87 850 per year

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts ensure the security of computer systems by monitoring possible breaches and implementing the use of security infrastructures in companies.

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The job of an information security analyst requires a bachelor's degree in computer science or programming, as well as knowledge of security tools and programs.

Average salary: $ 99 730 per year

Regional Sales Manager

Regional Sales Managers are responsible for the local sales teams of various organizations. They respond to customer complaints, prepare budgets for the team, analyze company sales, and help their agents develop new customer acquisition methods.

Most sales managers require a bachelor's degree and at least some sales experience.

Average salary: $ 117 704 per year

Data processing specialist

Data scientists collect, analyze, and interpret data about how customers interact with a company's product, from social media to email. They then offer their organizations ideas on how to implement changes that can improve productivity and efficiency. They can also create tools to collect data and view results faster.

Please note that data science positions may require a master's degree in computer science, statistics, applied mathematics, or other related fields, as well as extensive work experience.

Average salary: $ 122 250 per year

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