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9 places in the USA and the world that closed again after coming out of quarantine

Many locations reopened quickly after declining COVID-19 cases in US states and around the world, but the subsequent surge in incidence forced them to close their doors to visitors and guests again. Reader's Digest.

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Bars in Chicago

The bar is one of the most likely places to contract the coronavirus. Chicago Mayor Laurie Lightfoot announced that bars in Chicago will no longer be able to serve alcohol indoors. After closing in mid-March, the bars reopened on June 17, but by mid-month Chicago had surpassed the limit of 200 new COVID-19 cases per day, so the bars were shut down again. While this could threaten the bar owners' businesses, the city hopes to curb the spread of the disease and prevent further losses.

Bars in Texas

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has reversed the opening process that began back in April due to the recent surge in coronavirus cases. Abbott blames Texans gathering in bars for the new outbreak. The governor also imposed restrictions on outdoor events of up to 100 people, well below the previous maximum of 500. Even with permitted gatherings, it is still important to wear a face cover.

Parks in Ohio

On June 12, Ohio Gov. Mike Devine announced that recreational areas such as parks and playgrounds could reopen, but as cases of the virus increase, those previously open spaces have been re-closed. Because Cuyahoga and South Euclid counties are hot spots, these areas are under the scrutiny of health officials.

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Bogota, Colombia

The mayor of Bogotá, Colombia's capital, Claudia Lopez, has re-quarantined the city as COVID-19 cases threaten to disrupt the country's health system. The restrictions will remain in effect until the peak predicted at the end of August passes. Lopez also said she will guarantee universal basic income and food distribution in gated areas of the city.

Disneyland in Hong Kong

Less than a month after the opening, Disneyland Hong Kong is closing again to stave off an increase in coronavirus cases reaching uncontrollable highs. The city is also demanding the closure of gyms and bars, imposing strict restrictions on public gatherings and fining anyone who refuses to wear a mask on public transport. Hotels serving the Disneyland area will continue to reopen with strict security measures.


California Governor Gavin Newsom has reinstated restrictions on bars, restaurants, gyms and offices to control the recent surge in coronavirus infection. The state's two largest school districts, Los Angeles and San Diego, have decided to introduce online learning next month when schools reopen.

Restaurants in St. Louis

There are many options for how your favorite restaurants can change during a pandemic, and this includes quarantine closures. In St. Louis, Missouri, some restaurants have again temporarily closed due to employees or guests testing positive for the virus. While this is not required by law, many establishments inform their customers that an employee has tested positive.

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Things to do in Arizona

Coronavirus cases have increased in the state of Arizona since the stay at home order expired in May. Governor Doug Dewey has called for the re-closure of bars, restaurants and water parks as the numbers continue to climb, with thousands of new COVID-19 cases a day now being recorded in Arizona.


All gyms are closed in Israel, and take-out food is only allowed from restaurants. The government also imposed new weekend restrictions, including visits to beaches, non-essentials, hairdressers, beauty salons, libraries, museums and other tourist attractions, as well as gatherings of more than 10 people, which sparked outrage in local synagogues.

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