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9-year-old boy scolded for drawing in the classroom: now he has become a star of decoration

The nine-year-old Joe from the English city of Shrewsbury was constantly scolded because of drawing in the classroom. But instead of demanding that the child no longer draw in notebooks, the boy's parents decided to encourage his creativity and send Joe to the painting club after school. Then they did not know where this would lead.


A new boy teacher who taught drawing in a circle noticed and recognized Joe's talent and posted his work throughout Instagram. A popular restaurant called Number 4 contacted teacher Joe to ask if the student can decorate the school with his drawings, says Metro. Now, every day, Joe's father brings him to a restaurant so that the boy can draw his creative ideas directly on the wall. Once he is done, this work will remain there forever.

“Joe is really a talented little boy, he is an excellent student, he is a great football player and cricketer, but drawing is definitely what he enjoys the most,” says Greg, father of Joe. “At school, he was upset because of the small possibilities of creative implementation, so he usually painted on his desk and regularly got into unpleasant situations because of this.”


The father said that together with his wife, they decided to take his son to an art class outside the school, where the boy spent about six weeks and "was delighted with every minute."

“His drawings delighted his teacher, he was given his own wall so he could paint there every week,” Greg continues. “A few weeks after class, his teacher asked if he could post his work on his Instagram so everyone could see it, and soon we got a call from a restaurant that saw his work.”

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According to his father, restaurant representatives suggested that Joe painted their walls with his drawings.

“We were in seventh heaven with happiness. I asked Joe and of course he did not miss such an opportunity, says the father. - Therefore, we went there after school, where he painted for several hours. The fact that a completely independent business asked our 9-year-old son to do professional work for them is incredible. ”

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Greg posted Joe's work on LinkedIn, where she quickly gained over 1 500 000 views and comments. His art teacher said she immediately appreciated Joe's skills.

“I first met Joe a few weeks ago, he was a little disappointed at school, because he could not draw as much as he wanted, and he was asked to stop,” said teacher Kerry. - I asked his parents to tell about some of his works, and could not believe my eyes. We immediately transferred him to a higher class. ”


“His work is very accurate and impeccable, it is very balanced, he creates the perfect work from the very beginning, without training in advance,” the teacher says.

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