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9 American stores that you won’t be allowed into without a mask

Do not even think about shopping in these stores if you do not wear a mask, writes Money Talks News.

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The traditional retail slogan "No shoes or shirt, no service" has received a pandemic update. Several major retailers have recently begun requiring customers to wear masks to enter stores. The new rule is an attempt to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease.

Some retailers use mild expressions, saying that they “ask” or “urge” to wear a face covering. But others are taking a tougher stance.

Research has shown that wearing a mask, combined with social distancing, can significantly reduce coronavirus transmission - perhaps by as much as 80%.

Shops that require a mask:


When shopping at Aerie stores, you should wear a mask or face coat. If you forget to bring a face mask, the store will provide you with it.

American Eagle

This clothing store chain, owned by the same parent company as Aerie, has the same policy.


As with Aerie and AE, you must wear a face cover - and if you forget to take it with you, Apple will provide it for you.

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AT&T stores require customers and visitors to wear masks, but also provide masks to people who forget to take them.


You must wear a cover that covers your mouth and nose, a requirement that Costco put in place about two months ago. Children under 2 years of age and people who are not able to wear a face shield for medical reasons are exempt from the requirement.


Take the mask before visiting the store: if you are not a child or you have no health problems, you should wear a face cover.


This home improvement retailer lists on his website all locations that require guests to wear a mask or face cover.

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Smart & final

This product network requires face coatings. Other rules also apply, such as restricting the size of a customer group to a maximum of two people.


You must wear face coatings in chain stores. Verizon has also introduced a 1 to 1 employee-customer ratio and notes that “you may need to wait outside or in your car before you get in.”

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