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8 Things to Buy at Target

Target is the favorite store of many U.S. residents. Here are some useful things you definitely need to buy there, writes Money Talks News.

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  1. School supplies

Moms know that children need school supplies throughout the school year. Target always has a huge assortment of everything you need for your school: from glue to sparkles for creativity.

Also in Target you can buy an excellent diary for 2020. Now there is a good selection of diaries starting at $ 5.

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  1. Retro toys

In the toy department at Target, everything is trending. But there are also exclusive ones that cannot be bought anywhere else.

There you can buy wooden toys for babies, as well as retro versions of games such as Monopoly.

  1. Autographed books

Printed books are still in demand. Target has an excellent book department. There you can buy both world best sellers and books for children. Discounts on them sometimes reach 30%.

There is also a program Target Book Club Picks, by subscribing to which you will receive a new book every month.

  1. Shopping at Bullseye's Playground

In this section you will find thousands of cute little things. For example, if you need to organize a party for a child, buy stickers or products for creativity - go to this department.

  1. Coffee cups

At Target you can buy both disposable coffee cups and beautiful coffee cups that can be washed in the dishwasher.

  1. Trail mix

Sweets lovers should definitely buy Trail mix sweets. Sweeties will find them in Target with different tastes and composition. They are inexpensive and great for a snack or to take with you to the countryside for outdoor activities.

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  1. Hygiene items in travel format

Too many cosmetics cannot be carried on board. Therefore, for traveling, it is best to purchase small packages of shampoo, shaving foam, soap, toothpaste in a travel format. You will find all this in Target.

  1. Candy

Regardless of whether you need sweets for Christmas or Halloween, in the department where sweets are sold, you will find exclusive goodies that are no longer in any other store.

Prefer to make your own holiday baking? At Target, you will always find great baking sets for muffins, pies, cookies and more.

Miscellaneous shopping Target purchases Educational program

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