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8 items not worth buying at the Dollar Store

The Dollar Store can be a great place to shop for cheap items, but sometimes you get what you pay for. Instead of buying something worthwhile, you might end up with junk or worse, something dangerous. Writes about it MSN.

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Below are the names of items that should not be purchased from the Dollar Store.

1. Instruments

If you do not expect to purposefully use any tool, then you can get by with low-quality goods, which, most likely, you will find in the Dollar Store.

But it’s better to buy quality tools. Look for reliable brands and make sure your purchase can be returned if the tools are defective.

If you want to save money without sacrificing quality, consider buying used tools.

2. Shampoo and cosmetics

Opinions about shampoo and beauty products at the Dollar Store are mixed, but more often than not, they are disapproving.

The Dollar Store may sell well-known brands, but some skeptical shoppers do not believe these products are the same as versions of the same products in other stores.

In addition, many Dollar Stores sell tiny packages that are not available in other retail outlets. That is, you pay a little, but also get the same.

3. Toilet paper and other paper products

Oftentimes, with fewer fibers than other brands, lesser-known papers can upset you with the result.

As for branded paper towels, napkins and toilet paper, then you may encounter the same problem as in the case of shampoo. The small size and fewer sheets mean the Dollar Store price isn't very good.

4. Electrical cords and devices

If you do not want to turn your home into smoldering embers, it’s best not to risk it with cords and electrical appliances from the Dollar Store.

Regrettably, the Dollar Store doesn't have a lot of quality control experience when it comes to cords and electronics.

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Back in 1999, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission warned of faulty inexpensive extension cords made in China and surge protectors sold in discount and small retail stores.

5. Toys

The problem is, the Dollar Store toys are simply useless.

Their safety is poor. They are often the subject of discussion, because they contain lead or have rapidly breaking parts, which often cause suffocation in children. Reviews are available on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website. In order to avoid tears and disappointments, do not spare money and pay more for a quality toy.

6. Canned food and products in boxes

Most Dollar Stores have a huge selection of canned, boxed, and packaged foods that can include many brands. Some branches even have a department with meat and food.

While the Dollar Store prices may seem bargain at first glance, many of these items can be bought at your grocery store for less. In particular, in the Walmart network.

7. Kitchen knives

Kitchen knives also belong to the “don't buy from the Dollar Store” category.

Knives can be brittle and dull. Both are bad when you need to use them.

8. Batteries

Sometimes the batteries from the Dollar Store can work just fine, but don't expect them to last as long as they are from reputed brands.

Rhett Allen, an associate professor of physics at the University of Southeast Louisiana, tested Dollar General batteries and compared them to Duracell and Energizer in 2012. He found that Dollar Store batteries had significantly less energy and their voltage dropped quickly.

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