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8 incredibly profitable job options in the summer

As the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, the choice of job opportunities this summer for both teens and adults may seem limited. But there are many hot offers where you can safely earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month. The list was compiled by the publication Grow.

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Here are eight types of side jobs you can try this summer.

Relocation Assistant

Summer is usually a popular time for traveling. And while the pandemic is forcing people to rethink their plans, there are signs that many decide to move from cities to suburbs. In this case, the movers remain in demand.

If you have a truck or pickup truck and you are comfortable working with heavy loads, services such as GoShare allow you to book various trucks with earnings from $ 42 to $ 66 per hour. Sites such as TaskRabbit allow you to list your moving services; movers there take as much as $ 176 an hour.

No truck? We suggest registering to help other movers on sites where they earn up to $ 15 per hour, or Bellhop - here they get paid up to $ 21 per hour.

When making transactions with clients, be sure to follow all social distance protocols: keep a distance of six feet (1,8 m) from each other, wear a mask and regularly clean surfaces.

Product delivery

Decrees on isolation sharply increased demand for the delivery of products from services such as Instacart, which announced in March that it would hire 300 new employees. Think about how to earn extra money as a deliveryman in Instacart, where, according to Glassdoor, you can earn an average of $ 000 per hour or on the similar Shipt service - here the average earnings are $ 13 per hour.

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Remember to adhere to the principles of social distance when you are in a supermarket or grocery store, stay six feet from other visitors and wear a mask. Also, ask your employer what contactless delivery system you have and make sure your employer has a break system that allows you to wash your hands often and relax.

Delivery of packages and other items

People need to bring home not only food, but also various items - parcels, luggage, furniture and more. Applications such as Roadie provide delivery drivers who are comfortable on the route they choose. According to the site, Roadie drivers earn an average of $ 15 per delivery.

With Amazon Flex, you can deliver packages for Amazon in your car: drivers, according to the data on the site, earn $ 18-25 per hour. The application allows you to plan time periods in which you can carry out delivery.

Both of these jobs require a car and a valid driver's license.


Since some summer camps have already canceled their programs, many parents are thinking about how best to entertain their children in the coming months. For some, a nanny may be the best option. According to, babysitters across the country can earn anywhere from $ 13 to $ 20 an hour.

You can register as a nanny on sites such as, Sittercity, and UrbanSitter. Be sure to ask the parents you plan to work on if any of their seven members were sick recently, to what extent this family practices social distance and what precautions you should take while working.

Pool cleaner

The risk of holding meetings in public places is still high, so many people with their own pools will bathe in them, rather than attend public ones. And any pool used requires hands that would clean it and maintain the proper chemical composition of the water.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average hourly fee for cleaning a pool is $ 14 per hour. Find a partial pool cleaning job on ZipRecruiter and SimplyHired. Try to keep a safe distance from your customers and ask them to pay electronically, not cash.

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Route planner

While the prospects for recreation for many people have been disrupted, some plan to go abroad or travel around their home country again when it is safe. If you have traveled a lot or are well aware of several popular places, consider writing routes for those who wish to enjoy their vacation. Wild Bum allows you to write and sell a personal itinerary to a specific place.

Guide architects, as they are called, charge $ 25– $ 150 per route and receive 75% of each sale.

English tutor online

Many children abroad want to hone their English skills, and in the summer they have time to invest in this type of training. VIPKid and GoGoKid sites connect English-speaking teachers with students for 25-minute online lessons. Teachers choose time intervals at a time convenient for them (there is a wide range, given the time difference), and both companies provide lesson plans.

GoGoKid teachers earn $ 14- $ 25 per hour, and VIPKid teachers earn $ 15- $ 22 per hour.

Renting a yard for dogs

If you have a large yard and it is ideal for dogs to explore and enjoy, then the Sniffspot app allows you to rent your yard for a four-legged friend. Users on the site, as a rule, charge from $ 5 to $ 20 for one dog per hour, and also establish a list of rules that its owners must follow.

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