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To flush the toilet and bachelor life: 8 of the strangest local taxes in the US

State tax laws can be complex and quite unexpected. For example, did you know that Hawaii levies a 4% tax on tourist weddings? Here are the 8 most interesting, according to Tax Slayer tax laws in some states.

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Maine Blueberry Tax

Under the laws of Maine, anyone who grows, buys, sells, or processes wild blueberries pays three-quarters (0,75) cents per pound in tax. The proceeds of this tax of $ 1,5 million were used for research and educational programs to increase the yield.

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Exclusive Trees Tax Deduction in Hawaii

If you are gardening in Hawaii, you can deduct from taxes up to $ 3 for the maintenance of your hard-stemmed plants. But they must have historical and cultural significance. There are more than 000 “exceptional trees” in the state.

“Toilet Flush Tax” in Maryland

Since 2004, all households have been charged an additional $ 2,50 per month to the monthly water bill for flushing the toilets. Since 2004, the tax has brought in more than $ 370 million. This money has helped the state develop better processes for water treatment.

Tax Credit for a Damaged Car in Arkansas

It's no secret that Arkansas is famous for extreme weather conditions. Therefore, if you pay taxes in Arkansas and your new or not new but recently purchased vehicle is seriously damaged as a result of a catastrophic event of a natural nature, you may be eligible for a state tax credit.

Credit for premarital counseling in South Carolina

If you plan to marry in South Carolina, you are eligible for a $ 50 tax credit to pay for your pre-marriage consultation. You have the right to credit if counseling is conducted by a certified clergyman and you officially marry during the tax year for which you received the deduction.

New Mexico centenary tax exemption

If you are over 100 years old and are not declared as a dependent, you are exempt from New Mexico income tax.

Tax-Free Goods and Services in New Jersey

When you make a purchase in New Jersey, you will have to pay 6,625% state sales tax. This is if the things you buy are not included in the list of tax-free goods and services. For example, clothing, real estate, and food are on the New Jersey Sales List.

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Bachelor's Tax in Missouri

If you are a single guy between the ages of 21 and 50 who live in Missouri, the state will charge you a tax of $ 1 per year just for being single. Such an old law has been unchanged since the XNUMXth century.

This article is relevant for the tax year 2019 (tax returns are filed for it in 2020).

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