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8 Northern California restaurants with amazing views

Northern California restaurants, with their quaint garden patios and breathtaking sea views, are known not only for their food! For many Northern California residents, natural landscapes are just as important as what is on the menu.

Photo: Facebook /The firehouse restaurant

The restaurants on this list are some of the favorites in the entire region.

  1. Gill's By the Bay, Eureka

Photo: Facebook /Gill's by the bay

Address: 77 Halibut Ave in Eureka

2. The Firehouse Restaurant, Sacramento

Photo: Facebook /The firehouse restaurant

If you love California's legacy, this charming Old Sacramento establishment has a stunning courtyard with old oaks and lots of Victorian details.

Address: 1112 2nd St.

3. Anselmo Vineyards, Inswood

Photo: Facebook /Anselmo vineyards

This expansive vineyard is not only an amazing place to stretch your legs, but also an excellent restaurant located at 28740 Inwood Rd.

4. Nick's Cove, Marshall

Photo: Nick's Cove & Cottages /Facebook

This is one of a kind vacation spot on the ocean. A cozy restaurant is located right on the shores of the Gulf of Thomales.

5. Christy Hill, Tahoe City

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