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8 simple habits that will help you earn more in 2019 year

If you want to earn more, a good start is to develop the right habits.

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Here are eight simple habits that you should think about today, because they will help you earn more in 2019 year.

Automate your finances

Change your financial plan, says millionaire David Bach. Automating your finances - or sending your money directly to investment accounts, savings accounts, and lenders - will allow you to make money effortlessly.

It is “one step that virtually guarantees you don’t fail financially,” writes Bach in his bestseller. "You will never forget a payment again - and you will never be tempted to save on savings because you won't even see the money go straight from your paycheck to your savings accounts."

Invest in small things

Investing is one of the most effective ways to save money. In fact, thanks to microinvestment applications such as AcornsYou can start with small things. This application will round up your purchases to a dollar and will automatically make any small thing work.

Other applications also aims to make investing easy and affordable, and automated investment services, known as robot advisors can work for you, no matter how much you have in the bank.

Increase your input 401 (K)

When it comes to investing, another easy way is to contribute to the 401 (k) plan if your company offers one. The more you can put off the better. Then work towards increasing your contribution continuously, either every six months, at the end of the year, or when you receive a bonus or promotion.

Check online to see if you can set an “auto increase” that allows you to choose the percentage you want to increase your contribution, and how often.

Save and invest unexpected money

Pretend that there is no extra money, such as a birthday check, a bonus, or any random win.

Encourage yourself to set aside such cash gifts or bonuses, student loan premiums, credit card debt, your emergency fund or an investment account.

Hanging out with top students

"Most of the time, your net worth reflects the level of your close friends. ... We become like the people we interact with, which is why winners are attracted to winners," says Steve Siebold, millionaire and author of How Rich People Think

Track your expenses

You cannot save enough money if you spend more than what you receive. To make sure you earn more than you spend, keep track of your daily expenses.

There are several applications that will do this for you, for example Mint or Personal Capital . You can also use a spreadsheet on your computer or simply record your daily purchases in notepad or on your phone.

Tell yourself you deserve to be rich

“If you want to accumulate wealth, you have to understand that you deserve it,” says Jen Sivro.

“One of the biggest obstacles to more money is not the lack of good ideas, opportunities or time, or the fact that we are too sloppy or stupid. This is what we forbid ourselves to become rich. ”

He's far from the only millionaire who suggests that it all starts with your mindset. “When I started studying the ultra-successful and the super-rich in 1984, I thought they were more ambitious than the average person,” Siebold writes.

"Later, after hundreds of interviews, I discovered that it was not a lack of desire that kept the masses from getting rich," he writes, "but a lack of faith in their ability to do so."

Feel comfortable in discomfort

If you want to earn more or succeed in life, you must be ready to go beyond your comfort zone.

This includes negotiating your paycheck. This is one of the easiest ways to increase your earning potential, as those who ask for more usually get it. However, most people do not even try.

Of course, negotiations can be difficult, but underpayment can mean the difference between an average and a rich life. In the end, as millionaire Grant Sabatier says, “The number one thing that dictates your future potential income and gives you a quick income of 1 million dollars is how much money you are paying today.”

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