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8 professions that can be mastered in the US in six months

Starting a new life in the USA is easy. All you need is desire and time to learn. Photo:

Starting a new life in the USA is easy. All you need is desire and time to learn. Photo:

After moving to the United States, many immigrants are unable to work here in the profession with which they earned a living at home. One of the options for how to get out of the situation and start making money is to master a new profession in a short time and without large financial investments. ForumDaily studied the areas in which you can become a sought-after specialist in just 6 months, or even less.

1. Doctor's Assistant (Clinical Medical Assistant)

Salary for the year: $ 21 - $ 632 (data

Duration of training: 6 months (at school Concord rusam), in college - 1,5 years

Medical specialties are always in high demand in the US labor market. Photo from the archives of the school Concord Rusam

Medical specialties are always in high demand in the US labor market. Photo from the archives of the school Concord Rusam

The popularity of medical professions in America is growing by leaps and bounds. According to the rating portal US.News & World Report, the demand for specialists from the field Health Care Support in the next 10 years will grow by as much as 23%. And this means that immigrants who worked in their home state as doctors and nurses, but do not want or are not able to confirm their diploma in the USA, can easily work in their favorite field as qualified medical personnel. In addition, the specialty of a physician assistant from scratch can be obtained by people who have graduated only from a school or from any higher educational institution other than medical.

College education in some programs takes several years and results in considerable sums, but the licensed Concord Rusam school, which is located in Lower Manhattan, offers an alternative - capacious and effective programs with an adequate cost.

“The advantage of our school is that we only give information that is directly related to the profession, and we do not read general disciplines, unlike colleges. This is what distinguishes the Private Career School system in America from the college system. Our longest program - Clinical Medical Assistant - only lasts 6-7 months, while in college you will study the same program for about 1,5 years. The rest of the programs are even shorter. The cost of training is proportional to the duration of the course: from $ 550 to $ 3500, ”says school director Zinaida Freink.

The Clinical Medical Assistant program, approved by the Department of Health, includes a theoretical course, practical exercises in equipped classrooms and medical practice in medical offices. The course includes anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, electrocardiography, blood sampling techniques (phlebotomy), microbiology and urinalysis, medical legislation and ethics, occupational health and administrative duties. Upon successful completion of the course, students receive a Clinical Medical Assistant Certificate (CCMA). And what is important, right at school you can pass the exam for a national certificate, which is accepted in all states of America.

At school Concord rusam they also teach such popular specialties as Nurse Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician, Electrocardiography Technician, Medical Billing and Coding, Pharmacy Technician, Home Health Aide.

“Educational handouts were developed by Concord Rusam teachers based on existing textbooks, but reworked in an easier way for understanding. The teachers also speak Russian, so they can explain complex material and answer any questions in their native language. Classes in some programs are held only 1-2 times a week, so that students can calmly comprehend the basics of a new profession and at the same time continue to work at their work. We aim to graduate knowledgeable specialists, and not just work out the course, ”Zinaida Freink is sure.

The school also focuses on the development of American logical thinking from their students, which is a very important point for the successful solution of the examination tests.

In Concord Rusam come to learn as very young children who have graduated from school, and mature people.

“In America, age is not the number you have in your passport, but how you feel. They often call us and say that I, for example, are already 55 years old and it is probably too late to comprehend a new profession. I always answer that it is never too late to start life from scratch, ”- Zinaida says optimistically.

Where to start and how to enroll in the course, you can find out by calling: (212) 6192260, 212-619-2280 or on the official page. School address: 160, Pearl Street, New York, New York 10005.

2.Dalnoboyschik (Truck driver)

Salary for the year: $ 30 - $ 000 per year (data

Duration of training: from 1 of the week

Tuition: from $ 1300 for the course

The work of truckers is one of the most popular among immigrants in the United States. People are lured by a lot of money that is difficult to earn on simple positions like a waiter or courier.

However, getting a CDL (commercial driver license) driving category is not so easy. First of all, you need to have an American driver's license, driving experience of at least a year, a social security number (SSN) and proof of residency (A-number, green card, citizenship).

Then you need to learn the rules for a commercial driver (state commercial driver's manual) - a copy of this study book can be asked in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or you can find it in electronic version.

Directly training for a commercial driver is required at a licensed school that offers both theoretical and practical classes, or you can get the same skills in a special practical course if you have already completed the theory. You can prepare yourself for the theoretical exam yourself, but you will need to master practical skills at school or at courses.

Maxim works as an instructor in the center, offering an express course of practical skills for obtaining a CDL (testing and training program) license. The headquarters of the training center is located in Orlando (Florida), where people from all over the United States come to study. Training is ongoing.

“We train future drivers to drive commercial trucks and we conduct tests. We have licensed examiners who are authorized to take exams at any institution. Usually we are visited by people who have already passed the CDL Driving Theory Test in their state and now want to prepare for driving and take it. Future drivers can take the test only 2 weeks after passing the theory, ”says Maxim.

The course lasts one week and costs $ 1300. After the training course, a potential driver must pass an exam, which consists of carrying out an inspection of the truck before leaving (pre trip inspection), the ability to park in reverse (yard skill test) and directly driving (road test). After passing the difficult exam, the driver is entered into the general federal base of the United States Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and he goes to his home state, where he receives a license.

“Many of our clients have questions - where to live for a whole week? How to get to us? We take care of these issues and offer a package that includes, for example, tuition and accommodation for a week or tuition, accommodation and tickets to Orlando. There are no moments that we cannot resolve, ”says the instructor.

Salaries in the US market are different - it all depends on the company and length of service, but on average, a beginner starts at $ 5000 per month. The organizations with which Maxim’s company works offer salaries depending on the type of transportation. Transportation of dry goods - for beginners from 42 cents per mile (American companies for the same work give just 32 cents per mile.) Delivery of transport with a refrigeration unit is already 45 cents per mile. 50 cents per mile pays for driving open-body commercial vehicles. The most "profitable" job is driving auto transporters, for which you can get from 52 cents per mile.

“Among other things, we help our students find employment. The companies we work with offer a higher salary to our protégés than any others, ”Maxim assures.

Where to start and how to enroll in the course, you can find out by calling: (407) 574 5476 or on the official center page В Facebook.

3. Permanent makeup artist

Salary for the year: $ 55 - $ 000 (data

Duration of training: from 8-9 days

Tuition: from $ 3900 for the course

Creating beauty is a profitable business. Photo from the archive TIAN studio

Creating beauty is a profitable business. Photo from the archive of TIAN Permanent Makeup studio

Waking up beautiful with light makeup is the dream of every woman on Earth. Not spending a lot of time on daily makeup is the second woman's dream, confidently following the first. Permanent make-up masters know about this and every day emphasize the beauty of their clients' faces, while earning good money.

According to a study by the Community of Permanent Makeup Masters (SPCP), specialists in this field receive from $ 50 000 thousands per year, and the cost of procedures ranges from $ 400 to $ 800. If we add to this the fact that training can be completed in just 8 days and spend quite an adequate amount on our education, we will get the ideal profession for those interested in working in the field of beauty.

Contrary to various myths, it is not necessary to have artistic and medical skills to become a permanent makeup master. All this can be learned. The main thing that a person should do on the way to mastering the desired profession is to choose the right school.

TIAN Permanent Makeup Studio - The first school in New York, where they conduct training of specialists in permanent makeup and microblading, and the only school in the United States, where teaching is, in addition to English, in Russian.

“Regular American schools offer a 5-day intensive, but I really don't understand what can be learned in 5 days. The initial course in our school is designed for 8-9 days and includes afternoon and evening classes. For our working students, we offer training on weekends, but in this case, the duration of the program will increase to a month, ”says the founder of the school, Anna Ishutina.

In the program: the study of medicine, color, make-up, hand positioning, practicing techniques on latex and on models. Students are taught in groups of 4, and this format allows teachers to pay sufficient attention to each person. 2 teachers work with each group - and thus the students of the school TIAN Permanent Makeup Studio can learn not one, but several techniques for applying permanent makeup. For comparison, in American schools there is only 10 teacher for every 1 students.

“We really love our students and not only provide training and certification for them, but also prepare them for the license exam. As far as I know, other schools do not do this, ”says Anna Ishutina.

Anna's school collaborates with a well-known brand in the permanent makeup industry - NPM, which allowed her to develop a special offer for the school's students: the purchase of an NPM machine plus training will cost $ 5800. Learning on your own typewriter costs $ 3900.

“We give our students a choice: they can buy a cheap Chinese typewriter and pay only for the course, working on it, or they can buy the equipment of the Israeli brand NPM from us much cheaper than its market value. The average price of an NPM machine is from $ 2 to $ 850. And then use this equipment not only on the course, but also during your independent practice, ”says the founder of the school of permanent makeup.

According to Anna, future students of their school are often worried about the low level of English, but the girl assures that the most important thing is the quality of the master's work. You can do permanent makeup even without knowing English.

4. Realtor (Real estate agent)

Salary for the year: $ 24 - $ 000 (data

Duration of training: from 63 hours

Tuition: from $ 100 for the course

Miami is a suitable city to start a career as a realtor. Photo from the archive of Catherine Perova.

Miami is the right city to start your real estate career. Photo from the archive of Ekaterina Perova

In Lugansk, Ekaterina Perova had her own travel agency. After moving to the United States, she decided to become a realtor - she thought it would be easy for her to sell real estate in Florida, because every second house here is like a hotel. Ekaterina received a new specialty online, as she was sitting at home with her little daughter. The training program for a realtor lasts 63 hours, and if you attend courses, then the study takes only a month. Online courses cost from $ 100. It all depends on the school.

“My studies lasted more than a month, and the biggest challenge for me was professional terms in English that I had never encountered before, so first I had to create my own personal dictionary. And, of course, at home it was more difficult to organize and actively engage, ”the girl says.

After studying, Ekaterina had to pass a difficult exam, but she managed to pass this test the first time. The first 2, Catherine, like any new realtor in the US, will have to work for a broker. After this time, she herself will be able to obtain a broker's license and leave for free bread. If you wish.

“It is important for new agents to choose the right broker. I am very pleased with my choice: we have a strong team of professionals, but at the same time I always know that they will prompt and help me. This is very important for a beginner! ”- Ekaterina says optimistically.

Katya is inspired by a new profession, although she considers it difficult. Working with each client takes a lot of time, while the realtor works for free until an agreement on the sale or purchase is signed.

“Some unscrupulous clients do not respect my time and after our meetings and conversations they may at some point stop answering the phone or say they have changed their mind. I believe that over time I will learn to immediately understand who is serious and who just came to talk, ”the girl shares her feelings.

To master the profession of a realtor in the United States, you need to complete a 63-hour course of study, pass an internal examination, and after that - an exam for a state license, which will be registered with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. A license that allows you to provide real estate services is valid only within a certain state. The license must be renewed every 2 years.

The main difference between the work of a realtor in the United States from the countries of the former CIS - here his services are paid for by the property owner, not the buyer or tenant.

5. Beautician (Full specialist / Esthetician)

Salary for the year: $ 16 - $ 000 ( data)
Duration of training: from 6 months
Tuition: from $ 2000- $ 3000 (depending on the course and school)

Katerina Bystrova from childhood dreamed of becoming a cosmetologist and after arriving in the United States began to fulfill her childhood dream. Before she went to study, she had to wait for the Social Security Number (SSN), because without him she could not undergo training according to the rules of the school. After that, I found the nearest school on the Internet.

“I was attracted by the fact that the cosmetology teacher was also from Ukraine. It was easier for me to master the information, because at that time my English was not good enough to understand. The entire Full specialist course (cosmetologist and nail specialist) cost about $ 5500 for 6 months of training, of which 3 months we were taught cosmetology and 3 months - manicure and pedicure. In addition, I spent on purchasing products, ”says Katerina.

Classes - mostly practical - were held 3 times a week. To obtain this specialty, you only need to pass an internal exam at the school. By comparison, those who are trained to be masseurs or hairdressers must pass the state exam.

After completing her studies, Katerina automatically obtained the necessary licenses, which need to be updated every 2 year. She began to practice from the first month of training.

“Of course, during my studies I received only basic knowledge. Therefore, every day I try to learn something new from the beauty industry, I also attend specialized seminars, exhibitions for cosmetologists, study various products, go through online training and plan to still study in college, ”Katerina shares her plans.

You can get a profession in the beauty industry at any specialized school (beauty school) or in college. The cost of education is very different - it all depends on the level of the school and the course chosen. In the beauty school, you can get training in such programs as cosmetology (cosmetology program), skin care (scincare program), male master (barber), makeup artist (makeup artist), hair removal master (electolysis and laser technician), massage therapist (massage therapy) and many others.

The course of cosmetology includes 1200 hours and several directions at once - training in hair care and creating hairstyles, visage, training in manicure and pedicure, and cosmetic procedures.

Male master - a training program exclusively for specialists in men's haircuts, consisting of 1200 watches.

Masseur - teaching the profession of a manual therapist. Includes 750 hours.

You can become a master in hair removal by listening to the entire 650 watch.

6. Wedding Planner

Salary for the year: $ 20 - $ 000 ( data)

Duration of training: from 40 hours

Tuition: from $ 625 for a certified online course

Most Americans prefer to entrust the organization of their wedding to a professional. Photo:

Most Americans prefer to trust the organization of their wedding professional. Photo:

In the US, they are very serious about planning a wedding and begin to organize the upcoming event long before the appointed date. Usually, Americans transfer all the responsibilities of organizing a professional agency or a private wedding manager.

Becoming a certified wedding planner is easy enough - you need to go through the 3 month-long ABC Certified Wedding Planner program. It is offered online and costs about $ 625 (data from Miami Dade College for 2016 a year). At the end of the course, the ABC®'s Professional Certification Exam is taken, after which you can start working in an agency or for yourself.

7. Personal Trainer (Personal Trainer)

Salary: $ 20 - $ 000 ( data)

Duration of training: from 32 hours

Tuition: from $ 400

Helping people to work on the figure of their dreams, you can earn money. Photo:

Helping people to work on the figure of their dreams, you can earn money. Photo:

In America, it is easy enough to turn your hobby into a well-paid job. Even if this hobby is associated with proper nutrition and constant work on their physical perfection. For example, you can get a certificate of a personal fitness trainer and earn money by helping people make a slim and fit figure.

Most fitness centers and gyms accept certificates from schools that are accredited by the NCCA (National Commission of Certifying Agencies).

Schools offer different programs, but the general requirements are the same: the student must be at least 18 years old, he must have a certificate proving that the person can do cardiopulmonary resuscitation - CPR or a similar AED certificate and a well-passed final exam. The cost of the program, together with educational materials, will cost from $ 400 to $ 800 on average.

8. Emergency Medical Technician

Salary: $ 20,919 - $ 49,378 ( data)

Duration of training: 150 hours or more

Tuition: from $ 650

An ambulance worker is one of the near-medical specialties that does not require a medical degree.

The employee is responsible for providing first aid until the patient is taken to the hospital. The requirements for an ambulance worker differ depending on the state, but the general conditions for obtaining this specialty are as follows: the applicant must be at least 18 years old, he must have a high school diploma, a certificate showing that a person can do cardio- Pulmonary Resuscitation - CPR and Certificate of Completion of the Curriculum.

The base program takes about 150 hours. In the process of learning, students are taught to use defibrillators, apply dressings, take emergency deliveries, check blood glucose levels, and so on.

The advanced course includes a basic course plus training in additional procedures - prescribing certain medications, intravenous manipulations, cardiac control. The duration of the course is at least 250 hours.

The final step is an ambulance paramedic (EMT Paramedic). Mastering this program will take 18 to 24 months.

It is worth remembering that all schools offer different programs with more or less hours. A good physical shape, a valid driver's license and the absence of any criminal record are also important requirements for working in an ambulance.

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