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8 signs of a tourist: how residents of Northern California recognize visitors

Northern California is a real travel magnet. Californians are considered some of the kindest people in the United States. But even they are sometimes surprised when they see a tourist. How do travelers behave when they get to Northern California, what does it immediately betray them? Found out the edition Only in Your State.

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1. This is California, not Cali.

The only people who call California "Cali" are rappers from New York and tourists from other countries. The people of the state never say "Cali."

2. Californians will never forget to take it if they go to the beach

The beaches in Northern California are quite windy and can even be cold. Californians always take a sweater or a light jacket with them, and only tourists try to warm themselves with a blanket for the sand that they brought with them.

3. Only a tourist will wait for this

Only tourists are sitting in the car and waiting for someone to approach them at the gas station and refuel the car. Californians get out of the car and do it themselves.

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4. Hollywood is far from here

There is a huge difference between Northern and Southern California. To begin with, in Northern California, not everything revolves around actors, you will almost never meet them here, and everyone is somehow indifferent to this, unlike the southern part of the state.

5. Californians recognize tourists immediately

Inhabitants of the state know what time it is better not to go to In N 'Out or other places. Tourists visit restaurants, cafes and similar establishments at any time and can stand in huge lines when a true Californian bypasses the cafe and waits for people to disperse. This is also due to the fact that residents of Northern California can visit such establishments at any time they wish, and tourists have limited time.

6. If you came to San Francisco to watch the 49ers game, then you didn’t get there

Levy Stadium is not in San Francisco. So, in case you are a San Francisco 49er fan, you will spend quite a bit of time trying to find their new stadium directly in the city. Santa Clara is where to go.

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7. Tourists do not know how to eat it

Artichokes are delicious spiny green vegetables, and Californians love them. Most people are intimidated by their thorny leaves. But, if you don't order an artichoke or don't know how to eat it, the people of the state will immediately recognize you as a tourist.

8. Only tourists take with them less money than they spend

Only a tourist thinks that $ 100 a day is enough to take a walk. And Californians know it takes at least twice as much to make a trip to Northern California unforgettable.

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